Thursday, December 20, 2007

THURSDAY-20TH DECEMBER 2007-Street protests a threat to peace

Street protests a threat to peace Maijol urges Sabahans to stay clear of demos
Senator Maijol Mahap has appealed to Sabahans to refrain from being involved in street demonstrations and any other form of public rally that would jeopardize the harmonious relationship among the people here. “The various communities in Sabah have been living together in a peaceful manner all these years and this situation has continued after Merdeka and the formation of Malaysia,” he said. “The harmonious relationship has been strengthened through open house tradition during various cultural and religious festivities and other form of gatherings. “We cannot deny that there exists certain groups of people who are not satisfied with how development projects have been implemented and how the current economy has worked against them in one way or another.” But this does not mean that the Government is not looking after them or that they have been sidelined, Maijol pointed out after handing over two heads of cattle to the community in Kg Simpangan and Kg Beliajung/ Toritipon, both in the district of Kota Marudu, in conjunction with the Aidiladha celebration. According to him, though government projects meant to uplift the socio-economic standard of the people have been implemented, there would definitely be those groups of people who get to enjoy the benefits earlier than others. “I urge the people to be tolerant and be patient as sooner or later the benefits of all the developments will be enjoyed by everyone,” he said. He also stressed that public rallies and street demonstrations are not part of Malaysian norm and culture. “We have seen these happening in other countries on the television and we also know what is happening to those countries that condone such acts. “Definitely we do not want to absorb these foreign elements into our society. Malaysians and Sabahans are made up of various races and religions; in fact, there are more than 32 identifiable ethnic groups from among the Kadazandusun group alone, while the Bajaus and Muruts are made up of various smaller ethnic groups as well,” he said. Maijol cited as an example how in the urban and town areas we see Chinese and Indians mixing together with the local native population either in coffee shops or other places where they can group together, and this harmonious relationship has been in place even before Merdeka. “I therefore urge the people not to be easily influenced by certain group of people who are instigating them to join public rallies and street demonstrations. Such actions will do us and the Government more harm than good. “Along these lines, I wish to extend my best Aidiladha greetings to all Muslim in Sabah,” he said.