Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Solo art exhibition
The Sabah Art Gallery will hold a solo exhibition under the theme of “Tarot of the Fallen Ones” by Sabrina Majuakim from December 13 till January 13. Most of Sabrina’s art works were executed in surrealist style in oil colour depicting her own perception and thought of the humans who are committing sin. The opening ceremony will be officiated by Assistant Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Karim bin Haji Bujang on Thursday.

THURSDAY-13TH DECEMBER 2007-Change of name for Cooperative Devt Dept

Change of name for Cooperative Devt Dept
The Malaysia Cooperative Development Department (JPK) will be known as the Malaysia Cooperative Commission (SKM) beginning next year, State Cooperative Development Department director Umar Sarim Saidin said yesterday. “JPK will be abolished and become SKM starting January 1, 2008,” he said when officiating the RM47,000 Kampung Panoi and Marasak Cooperative Berhad new shop building at the village here. Umar Sarim said following the change of its name, SKM would become one of the Federal Government corporations. According to him, cooperatives are recognized by the Government as the third sector that generates the country’s economy. He said the recognition given by the Government showed the important role played by cooperatives in the nation’s economy development. Umar Sarim hoped cooperative members would grab the opportunity to implement activities which had been planned and could give better returns to the members. “There are various activities that could be taken part by cooperatives but those members who have been trusted to carry away the cooperative business and administration must be efficient in implementing them. “Various challenges will be faced by the cooperative movement in the present globalization era and its administration should be strengthened for the future challenges,” he said. Umar Sarim also urged cooperative members to upgrade their knowledge by participating in courses and seminars organized by JPK, Malaysia Cooperative College and ANGKASA. Present at the function were Keningau Regional Cooperative Development Department assistant director Jeffrey Chong, JPK officer Rosemary Gitang and Kampung Panoi Marasak Cooperative Berhad chairman Juinol Manggor.

WEDNESDAY-12TH DECEMBER 2007-Move to turn run-down Natikar Building into hotel

Move to turn run-down Natikar Building into hotel
The City Hall is all set to assist developers wishing to redevelop the Natikar Building, which has been an eyesore after being left abandoned since the early 1990s. To date, two developers have shown interest to develop the 11 -storey building near Padang Merdeka here and turn it into a hotel, said City Hall Building Engineer, Kalvin Liaw. In this respect, the City Hall is trying to trace some of the 24 private lot owners of the building to enable works to be done on it, he said, adding that the project can be done immediately after all the lot owners have been located and given their consent.
“It would be easier for us to develop the abandoned building. Turning it into a hotel would also be good considering there is a lack of hotel rooms to accommodate the growing number of tourists entering Sabah,” he said. The building is in bad shape and is believed to be occupied by both locals and immigrants, as well as drug addicts. “Those occupying the building have even built their own personal rooms illegally, and made illegal electricity and water connections,” he said. Kalvin said that to enable the building to be certified fit for use, all facilities such as sewerage, water piping, electricity supply and elevator must be fixed and upgraded.
The City Hall is ready to assist the developers in their applications and would give approval to those wishing to develop the Natikar Building, but first, the 24 lot owners must be located. “To ensure that the building structure is still strong, a registered professional engineer is required to carry out a thorough investigation and certify whether it is fit or otherwise,” Liaw said. Meanwhile, City Hall architect Sally Edward Ghani, when met, said the Natikar Building has four housing units at each level, meaning there are 48 units altogether. Twenty-four of them are under the Insolvency Department, while 24 others belong to private owners. In 1999, City Hall, in collaboration with Health and Water departments, Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) and police, inspected the building in a move to overcome a host of perennial problems such as cleanliness. Another inspection was conducted in 2003, followed by the issuance of letters to the owners based on their income tax addresses but only 24 of them responded. On Oct 6, 2004, the Legal Department and City Hall Urban Development Department issued a notice to the occupants to vacate the building. The City Hall and the police, Water Department, Immigration and SESB discussed on Oct 13, 2004 a proposal to obtain a court order to seal the building. The court order was obtained on Feb 28, 2005, following which barbed wires and fences were built around the building to prevent intruders from entering it.

WEDNESDAY-12TH DECEMBER 2007-Six houses demolished in Inanam, Sri Tanjung

Six houses demolished in Inanam, Sri Tanjung
City Hall demolished six illegally built houses in Kampung Bambangan, Inanam and Sri Tanjung here yesterday. Its enforcement chief, Abdul Mukti Muchlis, said the demolition exercises which started about 9.3Oam, were carried out simultaneously. At Kampung Bambangan, two of the illegally built structures were torn down in a two-hour operation which saw the participation of eight City Hall personnel, three policemen, two Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) staff and two City Hall Health and Services Department personnel In the operation at Sri Tanjung, three City Hall enforcement personnel and two policemen dismantled four houses, while one illegal structure was torn down by its own owner. Mukti said the exercise was part of their on-going operation to get rid of illegal structures in the City.