Friday, December 14, 2007


Stench from sewerage system:
Anjung Senja

The sewerage system located near the Anjung Senja food court in Kota Kinabalu is the cause of the stench in the area. Awang Shariff, the supervisor of Anjung Senja and Anjung Selera in Likas told Public Hotline that the smelly air is not originated from Anjang Senja. An observation by Public Hotline found that some of the restaurants at the area discharged their waste directly into the sea and this also caused the sea to produce the stench. According to Awang who has been working at the place for almost 10 years, Anjung Senja has become a victim of circumstance because it is located near the sewerage system. He said many people who did not know about the actual matter, would blame Anjung Senja for the problem. “It is not fair to us. The smelly air is not from Anjung Senja. It is from the sewerage system and the sea. Some of the restaurants in this area discharged their waste directly to the sea causing it to produce the smelly air. We cannot do anything because it is out of our jurisdiction. We do our best to maintain Anjung Senja,” he said. “The smelly air has nothing to do with our place. We have installed our sewerage system and always maintain it to ensure the cleanliness of the place. For the public information, the sewerage system in our premises goes to the DBKK sewerage and not directly to the sea,” he added. Meanwhile, the Kota Kinabalu City Hall (KKCH) confirmed that the area is under its jurisdiction. Its spokeswoman also said that action had been taken to overcome the matter. “KKCH is now in process of ensuring that all the premises at the area do not discharge their waste directly to the sea,” she said, adding that they would also monitor the matter in stages. Earlier Public Hotline received a complaint from a member of the public about the stench at Anjung Senja area. It was published on December 6 under the heading “Anjung Selera dirty and smelly”. However, the headline should read “Anjung Senja dirty and smelly” and not what was published. Public Hotline apologies to the management of Anjung Senja and Anjung Selera for the error.

FRIDAY-14TH DECEMBER 2007-Farmers Association Board urged to improve

Farmers Association Board urged to improve
Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail has urged the Sabah Farmers Association Board (LPP) to grab every opportunity to improve and equip themselves with the necessary skills. He also encouraged every LPP member to practise working principles in organization as well as perform all their duties conscientiously. “I would like to say here that you must do it right the first time, never settle for less than the best,” said Abdul Rahim when launching the Quality Day for the Sabah Farmers Association Board here yesterday. “It is very important to enhance your skills and implement the latest technology in the agricultural sector so that you can make positive contribution to the State and country,” he added. According to Abdul Rahim, the Government is focusing on the agriculture sector to help improve the living standard of the people, especially the rural folks. Thus, he urged farmers and livestock breeders to constantly improve their paddy and livestock yields in order to improve their family’s economy. “The Government is seriously developing the agriculture sector and this can been seen from the establishment of the Sabah Development Corridor,” said Rahim. During the event, Abdul Rahim presented the Sabah Farmers Association Board Quality Award 2007 to 11 LPP branches.
Kamisah Ahmad received the Quality Leadership Award and Jamdin Abdullah the Best Speaker Award. Kamisah was the only woman who received an award during the Quality Day celebration.
During the event, Abdul Rahim also launched a book entitled “Apa Kata Y.B. Menteri Pertanian & Industri Makanan Negeri Sabah Jilid 10”.
Also present were both, Assistant Agriculture and Food Industry Ministers, Datuk Bobbey Suan and Datuk Japlin Akim as well as Sabah Farmers Association Board director Kamalrul Badri Mat Ali.


KPD Tamu this Sunday
Korporasi Pembangunan Desa (KPD) will hold its tamu this Sunday at the KPD Marketing Complex, Tanjung Lipat, Teluk Likas, here from 6.3Oam to 1pm. Various types of rural products will be available such as fresh Shiitake mushroom, Tenom pamelo, honey, fresh beef and chicken. The public are also encouraged to donate generously used clothings, books or children toys at the Charity Corner for the needy rural folks. The Health Corner will also be having blood pressure check-up and blood sugar test for tamu customers.