Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Special Christmas program

Special Christmas program
KOTA KINABALU: Sabah V FM (English Unit) would be airing its special programme, dubbed the 'Kid's Talentime 2007' on Christmas Day starting from 11.30am — 12.15pm.
The programme, conducted by Penny Loid and Viola Masudal, was recorded at the Asia City Complex lobby on November 24.
Listeners will be entertained by the Kid's Talentime winners, namely Noorizuranie Abdul Mudar, Weenda Esthell Tisny and Crystal Anthony Thinsiong.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Rising cost of living means time to budget

Rising cost of living means time to budget
Consumers advised not to over-commit in spending income
: Consumers Association of Sabah and Labuan (CASH) Deputy President, Nordin Thani yesterday advised consumers in the State not to be over-committed in their spending and budget their income wisely.
"By budgeting and planning our financial commitments as well as income, we can avoid debts and make the most of our income," he said in an interview here yesterday.
"We have to be realistic about what we can afford. It is easy to become financially over-committed. Our monthly commitments and extra bills would increase for example when we sign up for a new service, such as satellite TV or a post-paid mobile phone line (by contract), buy something on hire purchase or add to a credit card debt," he said.
Nordin added, "another reason for financial over-commitment may be a change in personal circumstances resulting to a drop ofincome, for example, if one loses his job or meet an accident resulting in loss of earning or the need to stop working. When this happens, we have to change our spending priorities."
According to him the most important thing a person has to do at times like this is to review his or her budget as it can help them plan ahead and make the most of their income.
"We must identify our commitments, for example, mortgage, rent, bills, cars and work out how much they cost," he said adding that there is a need to establish the source of income to make the payments with.
It is also important to review the budget regularly, because circumstances are likely to change, he said and pointed out, "by working out a budget we'll know how much money we have for our essential living expenses, such as household bills, rent or mortgage and food and how much we can afford to commit to other plans, like buying a car, taking out another mortgage, going on holiday or saving for the future.
"By prioritizing our commitments we can make sure our basic needs are met and then we can decide what else we can afford, and what we have to save for or do without. By shopping around and negotiating, not just for goods and services but also for financial products such as loans and credit cards, we can make our money go further," he said.
"If one is over-committed and have a debt problem, please, in my view, do not ignore the situation. That is the worst thing one can do, to ignore the problem, hoping it will go away as the earlier one contacts the creditors, the more flexible they're likely to be in coming to an agreement. It is better to decide which debts are priority debts and which are not," he stressed.
According to him, signs when an individual may have a problem include:
1. having rent or mortgage arrears
2. taking out new loans to pay off old ones
3. only paying the minimum amount on your credit card
4. using a credit card for day-to-day purchases
5. ignoring letters from creditors
Nordin added that too many people let debt take control over their life before they sought assistance to settle their problems.
"Consumers are encouraged to take control early to help stop spiraling debt especially at this time of year when people can be prone to mounting credit and debt as their thoughts turned to Christmas expenses.
"If one is really in financial trouble, one could seek help and assistance from Bank Negara, through their Credit Counseling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK) The AKPK offers a helpline, providing free and impartial financial advice to people with debt problems" said Nordin.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Letter from JP or village head for IC is illegal, says MP

Letter from JP or village head for IC is illegal, says MP
KOTA KINABALU: Sepanggar MP Datuk Eric Majimbun said the use of a statutory declaration letter from a Justice of the Peace (JP) or village head to certify late birth registrations for the purpose of applying for an identity card is' illegal.
He said such use is against the Birth and Death Ordinance 1953, Section 22(2) of the Federal Laws.
The section concerned shows that registration made after 42 days of the birth of a child is considered late registration and must be certified by a First Class Civil Magistrate's Court.
As such, he urged the relevant authorities to conduct a comprehensive study and carry out an investigation on those who had acquired the identity cards by using a statutory declaration letter from the JP or village head.
"A study or investigation is carried out because many had obtained the identity cards using such statutory declaration letter and many more will be using the same document to apply for the IC," he said.
Eric who said this in Parliament, reckoned that the people used the services of the Mobile Court to have the certification for their late birth registrations.
"Both the print and electronic media should also play their role by disseminating the schedule for the Mobile Court visits to the villages in the rural areas," Eric added.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Festive celebrations at Sandakan Harbour Square

Festive celebrations at Sandakan Harbour Square
SANDAKAN: In conjunction with the coming festive season, Sandakan Harbour Square (SHS) will be organising activities to celebrate Christmas, New Year and the forthcoming Chinese New Year in February 2008.
Residents in the district are invited to the town square, the seafront harbour esplanade to join in the celebrations and enjoy the activities which SHS has lined up.
The celebrations will be kicked off by the opening of the @ease Boutique Hotel on December 23 and a fireworks display has been scheduled for 9.30pm.
Preceding the fireworks display, a 200 strong choir from the Church of Good Shepherd will serenade visitors at the town square.
Other programmes lined up by SHS are a karaoke session on December 24, a New Year eve concert on December 31, a children's colouring competition on the morning of New Year's day.
From February I to 6, SHS will be holding the traditional Chinese New Year night market sales at the town square.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Umno Keningau wants Pairin retained as MP

Umno Keningau wants Pairin retained as MP
: UMNO Keningau has given its undivided and full support to Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) President Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan to contest as a Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Keningau Parliamentary area in the coming general election.
Keningau UMNO Chief, Datuk Haji Sairin Karno said the leadership of Pairin, who is also Deputy Chief Minister cum Rural Development Minister, is still needed by the Keningau people for their development.
"I believe Pairin's leadership has been accepted by the majority of the multiracial people from the area he has represented today, and BN should retain him as a BN candidate in this coming general election," he said in his speech in a meet-the-­people session for people from eight villages held at Kampung Toboh Laut here on Sunday. Sairin, who is also Liawan Assemblyman, believed the people in the area still need and love Pairin, who has brought a lot of development for them.
According to him, Pairin still has influence in the interior area and he asked the BN leadership to let Pairin defend the Keningau seat in, the coming general election. Keningau Parliamentary area consists of Tambunan constituency represented by Pairin (PBS-BN), Bingkor represented by Justin Guka (UPKO-BN) and Liawan by Sairin (UMNO-BN). Sairin believed and is confident that with full and undivided support and cooperation from the BN component here, BN can win easily in the three constituencies, including Keningau.
Present at the function were Pairin and his wife Datin Seri Panglima Genevieve Kitingan, Justin and other BN component leaders.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Rude power meter reader scares family

Rude power meter reader scares family
A resident of Kwan Loke Garden in Likas is unhappy with the attitude of a meter reader from Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd, as she claimed the man was rude to her.
Nikky told Public Hotline that the incident happened yesterday morning.
"It was roughly around 10.15am and I was still upstairs in the bathroom while the rest of the family members were in their own rooms after staying up late at night. Then I heard loud knocking sound of the padlock being repeatedly banged against the gate and a man shouting "Hoi! Hoi! Buka!" she said.
On hearing the noise and shouts, she rushed down to check and saw the man outside in the SESB uniform.
"I then rushed up to call one of my boys to come down to open the gate because I was not properly dressed to go out of the house," she said.
"We ran down again as the man seemed to be agitated and was making a lot of noise outside, "she said, adding that when the meter reader saw her son opening the grill to go out, he (meter reader) snorted loudly "malas betul" (really lazy) and some other rude words," Nikky said.
"When he was in the house compound, we immediately locked our grill and he grumbled loudly. I managed to note his name and when he saw what I was doing, he demanded to know why I wrote down his name.
"He was obviously angry and we just waited for him to hand us the bill, and then closed the door. Only after he had left that my boy went out to lock the gate again," said Nikky.
"This morning's incident was not only scary, it was also an embarrassment because some of the neighbours even peeped through their windows to see what the commotion was all about.
"I would not blame them because my first fear today when I heard the meter reader's shouts was that of an 'ah long' (loan shark) coming the wrong address," she said.
Nikky hoped that SESB would educate their staff to be more courteous for the benefit of both parties.
She also hoped that the SESB would not send the same guy to the area in the future.
Meanwhile, a spokesperson for SESB, when contacted over the matter, assured that the complaint by the residents will be forwarded to the unit concerned so that action can be taken.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Police to meet public at Giant

Police to meet public at Giant
PENAMPANG: The public wishing to voice out their concern to the police may do so during a meet-the-­people session at the Giant Supermarket in Putatan this Saturday starting from 9.30am to 1pm.
According to the District Police Management Division head, Inspector Yampil Garai, hope the public would show their support to the event which is also aimed at creating closer ties among each other besides creating awareness that when both the police and the people work together, they would be able fight crimes better.
"We hope to create awareness among them the importance of working together. In addition, we also hope that through such event, we will be able to create closer ties besides promoting our roles and responsibilities to the people," he said.
Yampil added that the event would also create an avenue for the people to interact and voice out their grouses to the police.
During the event, public would also be entertained by local artists and the Kombo PDRM IPK Sabah, traditional performance from the Monsopiad Cultural Village, K9 and T-Baton demonstration, as well as exhibition by the traffic, narcotics and air wing, among others.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Eleven foreign women sought by Labuan police

Eleven foreign women sought by Labuan police
LABUAN: Police here are looking for ten Filipino and an Indonesian women who are required to appear as witnesses in the Labuan Magistrateis Court on 31 December.
They are involved in a court case brought against the manager of a local pub for employing them as PROs/waitresses without valid work pass.
The ten Filipinos are Ma Cecil Zaldaviar Amada, 20, passport no: VV 0078226; Agnes Salmasan Villa, 30, passport no: UU 0609938; Mary Christine Castro Hernandez, 20, passport no: VV 0132565; Daisy Rerrer, 20, passport no: TT 0802113; Catherine Relota Santos, 23, passport no: RR 0881727; Charito Torres Dizon, 30, passport no: UU 0672490; Marilou Belmonte Abagon, 21, passport no: UU 0218744; Berberly Tonaco Nanabat, 18, passport no: VV 0313768; Nadia Lalican Padilla, 21, passport no: VV 0343428; Maridel Brillantes De San Juan, 18, passport no: UU 0643585 and the Indonesian woman is Pratiwi Juwita, passport no: A 313786.
According to the investigating officer of the case, Inspector Zuraini Bte Md Zin, the eleven women were charged in court on 16 July this year under Section 39(B) of the Immigration Act 1959, for working without proper permit, but discharged not amounting to acquittal (DNA).
The women are believed to be still in Labuan and anyone with information on their whereabouts is requested to contact Inspector Zuraini at 019-8093263 of 087­412222.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Technology, loans to lure youths to farms

Technology, loans to lure youths to farms
Aging farmers, traditional farming worrying: Minister

KENINGAU: A RM20 million Paddy Seedling Centre will be officially opened at Kota Belud in January next year.
The centre, the third and largest such facility in the State, has the capacity to store 2,000 metric tons of paddy seedlings, said Agriculture and Food Industry Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail here yesterday.
Rahim said the other two centres with storage capacities of 1,000 metric tons and 1,500 metric tons are located in Papar and Tenom respectively.
Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman will officiate at the opening of the centre at Kota Belud early next month, he said after officiating at the handing over of paddy harvesting machines to 11 selected farmers from several districts at the Agriculture Department Paddy Mechanization Station in Binaong near here.
Rahim hoped that with the full operation of the Paddy Seedling Centres, farmers in this State will not be facing any problem in getting paddy seedlings, especially during planting season.
Regarding the seedling centre situated at Tenom, he said only 75 percent is used for paddy seedlings while another 25 percent is used for other crop seedlings.
Earlier in his speech, he said 60 per cent of the farmers, livestock breeders and fishermen today are aged above 65 years old.
"The government views this matter seriously, especially in attracting our youths to get involved in agricultural field in an effort to maintain and expand the sector in the State," he said.
He is also worried because younger generations today are not interested to work in the farms.
Besides, many farmers are still practising traditional farming, which cannot increase their crop yield.
Rahim believed that using modern technology could create an impact and attract new farmers among the younger generations to be involved in this sector.
"Besides providing modern technology facilities, the Government through the Ministry also will give loans with easy repayments," he said.
He also urged farmers' bodies in this State to give their full support to the Government's halatuju in an effort to reduce food imports in the State by increasing their paddy yields and through balance of trade in the agricultural sector.
He said this includes implementing various biodiversity programs involving timbers, bakau woods, palm oil, rubber and wide sea, which have good potentials and give better returns to them.
Rahim hoped farmers would commercialize their paddy planting which could provide them with good returns.
Present at the function were Assistant Ministers of Agriculture and Foods Industry, Datuk Bobbey Suan and Datuk Japlin Akira, Liawan Assemblyman Datuk Haji Sairin Karno, Bingkor Assemblyman Justin Guka, Agriculture and Foods Industry Permanent Secretary Datuk Gregory Juatol, State Agriculture Department Director MC Ismail Salam and District Officer Haji Zulkifli Nasir.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Roads closed for Gaya Christmas Celebration

Roads closed for Gaya Christmas Celebration
: Roads at Jalan Bandaran (near City Hall building and Lembaga Tabung Haji) and Block 1 of Gaya Street would be closed to traffic between Dec 19 and 21 beginning from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.
City Hall Public Relations Officer Syron A Tunggolou, in a statement yesterday, disclosed that the road closure was meant to make way for the Gaya Christmas Celebration, organised jointly by City hall and the Sabah Churches Council.
Public are therefore urged to use alternative roads to avoid traffic jams in the area.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Nine new professors join UMS

Nine new professors join UMS
KOTA KINABALU: Universiti Sabah (UMS) has added nine new professors to its line-up of academicians to further improve its position as the fast emerging academic centre in the country.
Its Vice Chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Noh Dalimin yesterday announced the name of the new professors, saying their appointment will boost the University's effort to position itself to a higher level.
The newly appointed professors are Prof Dr Rosnah Ismail psychology), Prof Dr Fauziah
Abdul Aziz (Physics), Prof Dr Felix Tongkul (Geology), Prof Dr Mohd Harun Abdullah (Environment) and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs, Prof Dr Amran Ahmad (Mathematics).
Joining them are Prof Dr Awang Bono (Chemistry), Prof Dr Abdul Noor Yeo @ Yeo Kiam Beng (Artificial Intelligence), Prof Dr Zulkifli Mohamed (Education) and Prof Dr Roselina Ahmad Saufi (Business).
Speaking to reporters after attending a talk on Global Warming at the university yesterday, he said all the professors were appointed based on their experience, expertise and excellent contributions in the field of research and academic writing both in and outside the country.
He said their appointment were agreed by UMS Board of Directors and the University itself.
Mohd Noh also announced the appointment of Abdullah Mohd Said as the University's new registrar effective Oct 22.
Previous Registrar Hela Ladin left UMS after reaching mandatory retirement age.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- KK rally: We never expected public – Keadilan

KK rally: We never expected public – Keadilan
KOTA KINABALU: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sabah Youth yesterday expressed regret over the interpretation made by certain quarters about the presentation of Bersih's memorandum to Head of State Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah at the Istana Negeri here on Dec 14.
Its chief Abdul Razak Jamil, who headed the interim committee on the Bersih program, said a decision was reached on Dec 10 that a memorandum would be submitted to the Head of State with the participation of Sivarasa Rasiah, a Bersih's representative to Sabah.
Initially, he said, they expected about 20 people to be allowed to go to the Istana Negeri, which finally allowed six people only.
"We never informed the public to gather at the Padang Merdeka on that day (Dec 14). We expected only three people from the local media and a such, we were furious over the presence of about 300 policemen, including from the Federal Reserve Unit and members ofthe media," said Abdul Razak in a statement yesterday.
He said they would have applied for a police permit if they had planned to organise a massive gathering on that day.
"I feel sad that certain quarters had misinterpreted the submission of the memorandum (to the Istana Negeri) and that there were certain quarters who spread the rumours through the SMS (short messaging service).
"I readily admit that the presence of people on that day was not many as we only called a few specific individuals," said Abdul Razak, adding that Article 10 of the Federal Constitution allows a peaceful gathering with permit obtained from the police.

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- KK BN rejects KL-style rally

KK BN rejects KL-style rally
Ex-CM Yong says some from elsewhere trying to come to KK to cause social instability
KOTA KINABALU: Kota Kinabalu Barisan Nasional (BN) Chairman Datuk Yong Teck Lee has urged the public to reject any further attempt by the opposition parties to stir social instability by organizing street protests.
Yong made the call yesterday in the wake of the peaceful demonstration at Padang Merdeka organized by Bersih, an umbrella organisation which groups 64 NGOs and six opposition parties.
The demonstration called for a fair and clean general election, but it received cool response from the public with less than 20 people turning up.
"In the wake of the violent protest in the Peninsular and the attempt (to hold similar protest) here last Friday, we (BN component parties) want to voice our collected view that there is no need for such demonstration," said Yong, who is also Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) President.
Yong, who earlier chaired the BN Kota Kinabalu meeting at Beverly Hotel, endorsed a Barisan Nasional campaign asking the people to sign a petition against street protests in the country.
"There have been some efforts by some people from the other parts of the country to come to Kota Kinabalu just for the purpose-of holding demonstrations. Luckily the people of Sabah, especially in Kota Kinabalu, do not want to play any part in such street protests," he said.
Yong said the Government was very happy that the public, including members of the opposition parties rejected such demonstrations, adding the poor participation in the Bersih Demonstration indicated the strong support for BN.
"Generally in Sabah, the sentiments are still very much with BN. In respect of the low attendance at the protest at Padang Merdeka and (the talk) in Telipok, it shows that even their own members don't want to take part in such street protest," he said.
Yong criticized Parti Keadilan Rakyat for supporting the demonstration, saying: "It is a reminder of the Likas by-Election 2001. Never before in my 30 years of experience in the arena of politics I saw so much violence in Likas. And it was all because of Parti Keadilan. "
The meeting yesterday was attended by representatives from all Kota Kinabalu BN component parties, namely UMNO, LDP, PBS, MCA, PBRS, MIC, Gerakan and SAPP.
Yong said among the issues discussed during the meeting were inflation caused by increasing prices of goods in Kota Kinabalu in particular and Sabah in general.
Also discussed were efforts in strengthening BN spirit among coalition members in Kota Kinabalu, he said.
Other issues brought up in the meeting was the review of voting stations by the Election Commission SPR) which saw individuals' voting stations being changed to match the addresses in their MyKads, he added.
Noting that some of the BN members were also affected by the changes in voting stations, he advised the voters to check their voting stations with the SPR.
"If the change is in accordance with the address in MyKad, then it should be no problem unless if the address is an old one or no longer applicable," he said, adding that the voters can visit the SPR office or just log onto the commission's website for their convenience.
During the meeting, there was also a presentation by Special Affairs Department (JASA) followed by discussion on a number of issues including problems related illegal immigrant, unemployment and land matter.