Saturday, December 1, 2007


Road to Taman Inanam Laut needs streetlights
A resident of Taman Inanam Laut in Inanam has called for streetlights along the road to the residential area.
Jasni told Public Hotline that due to the lack of lights at the area, those using the road, especially pedestrians at night, are feeling insecure and motorists could not see the road properly.
Jasni, who moved there six months ago, said that he almost hit a pedestrian one night due to the dark stretch.
“The authorities have to look into the matter urgently as it concerns public safety. A few days ago, I almost knocked down a pedestrian when he was trying to cross the road,” he said.
“Taman Inanam Laut is not in a rural area, so the question of not having streetlights should not arise. According to one of my friends who also resides here, the matter has been brought to the attention of the relevant authorities, but until now no action has been taken,” claimed Jasni.
Public Hotline was informed that the matter is under the jurisdiction of Kota Kinabalu City Hall.
Its Public Complaint Unit head, Mr Laudin Zaman, urged the residents who wish to have streetlights in the area to send in an application letter to City Hall.
“The residents there must send an application to the Mayor. In their letter, they should mention the reason why they make the application. The letter must contain the signatures of the residents in the area to support their application,” he said.
“The application letter will be considered by City Hall and if there is enough allocation for this year, the streetlights will be put up,” he added.


The implementation of development corridor project is expected to lead to a significant increase in the number of foreign workers in the country, said Immigration Director General Datuk Wahid Md Don.
Wahid said there are currently 2.02 million foreigners working in various sectors in Malaysia and the figure will escalate once the development corridor is launched.
He however assured that his department is aware and fully prepared to face the greater challenges awaiting them.
He said with more foreign workers coming in, the department’s task to monitor their entry would not only become more difficult but also more significant, as it is vital to ensure safety is maintained and the investors remain confident.
To ensure the government development programme is carried out smoothly, the department must also make sure that problems will not lead to a shortage of workers.
In this regard, he said the department officers and staff need to be not only efficient and fast but also thorough in doing their job.
For example, he said, the issuance of identification documents to foreign workers as well as the Immigration I-Card to expatriates must be done as fast as possible to avoid any difficulties or delays in the project implementation.
“The Immigration not only needs to carry out their responsibility in ensuring safety but also to provide customer-friendly services and not to make it difficult for the investors,” he said.
The actual number of foreign workers needed for the development corridor will depend on the study to be conducted by a committee on foreign workers in the Cabinet, said Wahid.
“The study will be conducted by Human Resource Ministry, in which the Immigration Department will act as one of its pilot committees,” he said after officiating the Immigration Day 2007 at the Federal Administration Complex in Jalan Sulaman yesterday.
The event also saw the department launching its Passport Kiosk which enables the public to renew their international passports without having to go through service counter.
Wahid said that apart from reducing congestion at the service counter, the new services provided through the kiosk are meant to enhance the delivery system and ensure much more convenience for the customers.
He said the use of the new services has been tested and proven successful after two of such kiosks were introduced in the federal capital two years ago.
On average, 200 passport holders use the kiosks daily, he said.
In addition to Kota Kinabalu, four other kiosks, two in Johor and one each in Pulau Pinang and Perak were launched yesterday.
Also present at the event were Federal Secretary Datuk Ismail Wadin and State Immigration Director Datuk Baharon Talib.


December looks to be a prime period for investing in ready-built or upcoming property in Sabah as prices are projected to rise in the near future, according to a developer said.
Wah Mie Group director Ben Kong Chung Vui said property prices in general are expected to go up as much as 15 percent due to the increased cost of construction, hence it would be a good idea to invest in ongoing projects.
“Just last week the cost of steel bars went up by RMI 50 and we expect another round of increase in steel bar prices in January,” he told a press conference for the Visit and Win grand lucky draw at the Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers’ Association (Shareda) office in Bundusan near here, yesterday.
“We also have to take into account the high oil prices which are expected to go up, and also the fact that transportation cost in Sabah is probably the highest in Malaysia ... all this put together constitutes a hike in property prices.
“The price increase will affect properties across the board, so if a purchase is made on any ongoing project, you are sure to gain positively,” he said.
Shareda Propex ‘07 organising chairman Francis Goh noted that there is a reasonable level of awareness among the public on property value appreciation, based on the feedback they received from visitors at the three-day exhibition at the Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex multi-purpose hall last weekend.
“We interviewed a few of the visitors and learned that they are interested in getting property because they believe the value will appreciate further,” he said, adding that doublestorey terrace houses maintained its position as the top-selling property at the exhibition.
Goh said the Shareda Propex ‘07 was a rousing success with some 20,000 people visiting the exhibition, dubbed the “Sabah Ultimate Home and Property Exhibition”.
“We matched the crowd volume that we attracted last year when we held it at Centre Point, but we must bear in mind that probably 30 percent of the visitors last year were incidental.
“We are currently unable to give any sales figures for this year but I can say that we had very good sales. The reason why we haven’t compiled all the figures is because several of our participants have asked for a three-week extension s they can close potential deals. We will probably only

be able to announce the results in January next year,” he said.
Goh however expressed his disappointment at the lack of participation in the exhibition from Semenanjung Malaysia-based developers who have invested into property development here.
“The market for commercial and retail property is there as we can see from the good response for Suria Sabah ... they managed to get 168 potential sales and because they were the only participants from the retail property they took the entire cake.
“In Kuala Lumpur there may be too many exhibitions but the Propex is definitely unique. Sixty percent of the participants comprised developers and that shows that this is an exhibition for the developers.
“I hope in future they will decide to join us as next time we hope to increase the number of booths and host the Propex at a better venue,” he said.
Goh added that Shareda are planning to include the Sabah Tourism Board and the Local Government and Housing Ministry as core members of the organising committee for future Propex.


Sandakan cops monitoring
activities of students
They are believed to be involved in unhealthy activities and playing traunt

Police are monitoring a group of students who have been playing truant and said to be involved in unhealthy activities at the Taman Fajar area at Mile 7 here.
OCPD ACP Rosli Mohd Isa said this when responding to a question raised by the head of the Taman Fajar Rukun Tetangga, Otoh Sibik, during a dialogue and meet-the-community session at the district police headquarters yesterday.
“We have obtained information and are looking into it although we have not received any official report,” he said and assured that the police were doing everything they could and would take the necessary action to address the problem.
He urged the parents to monitor their children’s activities and give their full cooperation to the police in tackling issues concerning their children.
Otoh disclosed that he had received information about these students and was concerned over the negative influence they had on other youths in schools in the neighbourhood.
Elopura People Development Leader Chan Tzun Hei highlighted the complaints from residents of Taman Mesra and Sri Taman who were disturbed by the noise created by youths playing guitars at the
two housing areas in the evening.
“If the disturbances persisted beyond midnight, residents can contact the police at 089 21 2222 and our patrol car will be despatched to check on the complaints,” Rosli said.
Touching on the crime situation in the district for the first 10 months of this year, Rosli said theft cases recorded the highest at 42.81 percent, night housebreaking 12.87 percent and daylight housebreaking 9.28 percent.
“Other cases are not that alarming while the few robberies reported recently have been solved with the arrest of several suspects from outside Sandakan (Penampang),” he added.
“The theft cases included the stealing of telecommunication and electricity cables. We view such offences seriously as they have an impact on the economy of Sandakan,” he said.
Rosli explained these cases were committed mostly by drug addicts who turned to crime to get financial means to support their ‘habit’.
According to him, a special committee comprising the police, Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd and Water Department has been formed to tackle the issue.
He called on members of the public to notify the relevant authorities in the event of a supply disruption or contact the police if they see the presence of suspicious characters in the neighbourhood.
Rosli said while police have put in place a series of crime prevention measures, the cooperation between the public and the police is vital to combat crime in the district.
Also present were Elopura Assemblyman Au Kam Wah, acting deputy OCPD DSP Ooi Guan Siew, People Development Leaders from the various constituencies in Sandakan and community leaders.