Thursday, December 6, 2007


Factory destroyed in Tawau fire
A factory storing egg trays at Tanjung Batu here was destroyed in a fire about l0 am yesterday. The district’s Fire and Rescue Services Department despatched two fire engines to the location after receiving a distress call.
One of the workers, Hawisa Jana, 40, said she ran out from the building immediately after she heard other workers shouting there was a fire. Once outside, she saw the building was burning. No injuries were reported in the incident..


MAS staff robbed
Police detained one of the four suspects who robbed a Malaysia Airlines (MAS) staff at Mile 1 1/2 Tuaran Road here around midnight on Tuesday. The 23-year-old victim, who is the daughter of a Datuk, was on the way to Sunny Garden to pick up her friend when the four robbers stopped her car at a roadside and relieved her of her cellphone, cash and purse. The victim, who was not harmed, managed to take down the registration number of the Proton Wira car used by the robbers to escape and informed the police. She then joined the mobile patrol police in their vehicle and went to look for the four suspects. They managed to track down the suspects and arrested one of them later.


Date rape:Cops arrest labourer.
Girl feels dizzy and sleepy after drinking Cola
A teenage girl claimed she was raped by a man whom she had befriended just a week before the incident. The 19-year-old victim said that she had gone to meet the suspect on Nov 30 and was shocked to wake up naked in the bushes the next morning. Acting District Police Chief ASP Che Rafizi Che Ramli said the suspect, an 18-year-old Suluk-Filipino labourer, was handed over to the police a few days after the incident.
“The girl claimed that the suspect had been calling her and wanted to meet her. She left home on Friday and met him at the Kampung Dumpil Keramat roadside around 8pm. “After awhile, she became thirsty and the man who had a tin of Coca Cola in his hands, offered her the drink,” said Rafizi. The victim claimed that she felt dizzy and sleepy after taking the drink and only felt that she was being carried away. The next morning, she found herself naked in the bushes.
She walked home in a daze but did not relate the incident to her family “The victim only disclosed what had happened three days later. Her family then looked for the suspect and handed him over to the police,’ said Rafizi. He added the girl had been sent for medical check-up. The suspect is currently remanded and the case is being investigated under Section 376 of the Penal Code which carries 20 years jail, and liable to whipping, if found guilty.


No increase in cooking gas price: Ministry
The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry office here has denied claims that a tank of cooking gas now costs as much as RM4O in certain areas in Sabah. Its officer who declined to be named, said there is no price hike for cooking gas and if there is any it should be reported to the ministry office. “Those who were charged exorbitantly for a tank of cooking gas are encouraged to lodge a report with us and they must bring along the receipt as proof so that we can start our investigations,” he said. The officer also urged consumers to contact the ministry’s office here at the hotlines 088-484526 or 088- 484521 if they have any complaints. Meanwhile, a survey carried out by The Borneo Post showed that many were not aware of the price hike. They, however, urged the relevant authorities not to increase the price of cooking gas as it would be a burden to consumers.
“My household expenses will definitely increase and this will be burden to my family as our household income is low,” said Marina, 40, who works as a clerk in a small firm. Three other women shared the same opinion and were worried about escalating costs should the price of cooking gas be increased. For single parent Marie Abdullah, 45, her income will not be sufficient if cooking gas becomes costlier.
“1have to support seven children and this will mean more burden for me,” she said. Ita Clarissa, 45, who is feeling the pinch now, said, “even with a pay rise, I will not be able to afford a comfortable living if the prices of commodities, goods and raw materials keep increasing,” she said. Azlan, a coffeehouse steward, stressed that consumers must brace themselves for a hike in the prices of food and beverages due to the expected rise in the price of cooking gas.


City Hall has demolished more than a dozen illegal houses built on a Government reserve land next to the Tropical Forest Recreational Park at Jalan Penampang, the same land where 64 illegal houses were demolished two years ago. Yesterday, 17 houses which were re-built by stubborn squatters, were again levelled by a City Hall team. City Hall personnel had carried out a similar demolition exercise early last year and told the squatters to evict from the area but they had apparently returned to rebuild the illegal structures. Fifteen enforcement officers from the City Hall Squatter Houses Unit, assisted by more than 20 policemen and RELA members together with personnel from Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd and Water Department, carried out the demolition, starting at 8.45am. As expected, the dissatisfied squatters who had been holding a grudge against the City Hall for evicting them out of the reserve land known as Kampung Matabian since August 2005, poured out their anger and tried to halt the demolition. However, despite the squatters’ objection and protest, the operation carried out under the Building By-Laws 1984 went smoothly and ended three hours later with no physical resistance. The demolition operation was led by City Hall Assistant Enforcement Officer, Inspector Mohd Bahazan Othman. Late last month, at least 37 squatter houses were torn down by City Hall workers at Kampung Sri Tanjung in its on-going demolition exercise. The operation in the area was to see at least 600 houses demolished, as the location is required to make way for the expansion of the Kota Kinabalu International Airport project. Meanwhile, residents living in houses standing on water in the City who also face City Hall’s demolition squad, have asked for an early notice if their houses were found to have been built without approval.


Woman robbed in her house
A 40-year-old woman claimed that she was robbed at knife point in the bedroom of her house at Taman Semarak here on Monday night. The complainant said that she was awaken from her sleep by the intruder who then pointed a knife at her stomach. According to acting district police chief Superintendent Ramli Ali Mat, the woman said in her report the intruder fled after hearing her son waking up. After checking the room, the woman realised her wallet was missing, he said, adding she estimated her loss at RM600. Police also received reports from two women who lost their handbags to snatch thieves at Jalan Bunga and Fajar here on Tuesday. In the incident at Jalan Bunga, the victim lost her bag containing her MyKad, RM200 cash and three hand phones to snatch thieves on motorcycles on Tuesday night. Ramli said the second victim, a 30-year-old woman, lost her bag to snatch thieves in the afternoon of the same day. Her bag which was grabbed by two men riding a motorcycle, contained her passport and RM200 cash. According to him further, police are investigating a report from a businessman who alleged to have been cheated by another businessman on August 20 this year. The former had issued a cheque for RM34,407.05 to the suspect for a business transaction and has been unable to contact the latter since then. In a separate case, a 30-year- old man lodged a report after his Yamaha 110 CC motorbike bearing number JCY45J went missing from the carpark of the district hospital here on Tuesday morning.


Heated exchange over withdrawal from SEA Games
KUALA LUMPUR: A heated exchange broke out at the Dewan Rakyat sitting yesterday over the withdrawal of the Malaysia Sepak Takraw Association (PSM) from the 24th SEA Games in Korat, Thailand. It started when Datuk Raja Ahmad Zainuddin Raja Omar (BN-Larut) raised the matter when debating the 2008 Supply Bill 2008, saying that the action would affect Malaysia’s efforts to host international competitions in future, after having failed in its attempts to host the Asian Games and also the Olympics. His remarks brought Datuk Mohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading), who is Johor Sepak Takraw Association president, to speak in defence of the PSM’s stand although he should only be seeking clarification at this juncture. A heated exchange ensued when Raja Ahmad Zainuddin kept questioning the rationale behind the withdrawal by Malaysia, which had protested the use of rubber coated balls for sepak takraw at the Korat Games. The exchange stopped when Deputy Speaker Datuk Lim Si Cheng intervened. Youth and Sports Ministry Parliamentary Secretary S Vigneswaran, in responding to the issue, said the ministry was upset with the decision by PSM which did not consult the ministry and the National Sports Council. - Bernama


Form separate ministry to protect consumer rights: Patrick
The Consumer Association for Sabah and Labuan (Cash) has proposed that the task of protecting consumer rights and regulating domestic trade currently placed under the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry, should be separated and over seen by two different ministries.Its president, Datuk Patrick Sindu, said protecting consumer rights and promoting trade is often contradicting each other and the ministry, being tasked with both responsibilities at the same time, could lead to indecisiveness and tendency to look for mediocre solutions that have less negative effect for either side. The ministry has been doing a good job in protecting consumers all this while but consumerism today covers a tremendously vast spectrum and issues related to protection of consumer rights are rapidly increasing in complexity, said Patrick “In order to better protect consumer rights, a separate ministry dedicated solely to overseeing the consumerism aspect should be formed,” Patrick said yesterday, adding a special department responsible for enforcing laws related to consumerism should be formed under the proposed ministry.
He suggested a Minister in the Prime Ministers Department be appointed to head this ministry whose main objectives include to aggressively promote consumerism awareness and protect consumer rights. In welcoming the ban on scratch- and-win contests, Patrick said the move had been long awaited and should have been imposed’ much earlier. He said Cash had received many reports from consumers, including from professionals who have been deceived by companies using the scratch-and-win tactic. “This should have come earlier. But it is better late than never. Many had fallen victim to this scheme,” he said, adding the ministry should take similar approach on other trade gimmicks such as get-rich-quick schemes and lucky draws which he said were still being widely used by irresponsible parties to trick consumers. Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shafie Apdal announced the ban on scratch-and- win contests on Tuesday, saying the trade gimmick, which has spread to the rural areas, was banned because it was harmful to consumers, many of whom had been tricked into buying substandard goods.


Telekom urged to cut tree branches
• A man from Kampung Rangalau along the way to Kiulu has urged Telekom Malaysia to clear the branches that have grown around the telephone pole and cable there. George is worried that the telephone service would be disrupted as the branches are weighing down the telephone cable. “On behalf of the residents here, I hope the company will trim and clean these tree branches as soon s possible before they fall down and affect the cable,” he said. With the current weather situation, George said the villagers feared that the tree branches would fall and hit cable and affect the telephone service there. He added that some of the residents there had wanted to trim the branches, especially those near their house but they were worried about their safety and decided to leave the matter to the authority concerned. A spokesperson for Telekom Malaysia said they would send their technician who is in charge of the matter to investigate on the complaint before taking any necessary action. “Dealing with the cable is dangerous. It was a wise decision for them to leave the matter to us. We are more than happy to assist the people, he said, adding that immediate action would be taken.


PAS to assist family of girl detained in China
PAS is willing to pay for the expenses of the father of 24-year-old Umi Azlim Mohamad Lazim, 24, who is in prison in China for a drug offence, to meet his daughter. Kelantan PAS deputy commissioner Datuk Husam Musa said the party would assist Mohamad Lazim Jusoh, 50, to go to China to see his daughter. “Mohamad Lazim will be accompanied by someone familiar with China so that he can get a clear picture of the situation,” he told reporters yesterday. He said PAS was also prepared to engage a lawyer if there was proof that Umi Azlin had been victimised.Meanwhile, Mohamad Lazim said he was thankful for the concern showed by various quarters, including PAS, for his daughter and their willingness to assist him to go to China.


Lee: Drug problem worsening in country
He calls on everyone to help make Malaysia drug-free
KOTA KINABALU: Malaysia Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) Vice- Chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye yesterday called on all voluntary organisations, parents and concerned individuals to rally behind the call by the Government to fight the drug menace and help make Malaysia drug-free by the year 2015. Lee pointed out that as the largest anti- crime NGO in the country, MCPF remains ever committed in its challenging task to educate the younger generation about the dangers of drug abuse and free themselves from the menace. Police statistics showed that 30 to 40 percent of drug addicts were involved in petty crimes. As such eradicating the drug menace is crucial in the fight against crime. “Malaysia’s move to make the nation drug free by the year 2015 is laudable but it requires commitment, political will and the fullest participation by all sectors of the community, including parents and teachers, to achieve this objective,” he said in a statement yesterday. According to Lee, the Government has spent hundreds of millions of ringgit to tackle the drug menace in the country but the problem is far from being eradicated. Victory is still nowhere in sight. Statistics on drug users in the country are not only shocking, they are worsening each year. Clearly, no one party alone can help to overcome the drug menace. The Government needs not only the support of non-governmental organisations, voluntary bodies and religious organisations, but also their full commitment in helping to curb the drug problem, he said. Lee added the drug addiction problem has been Malaysia’s number one problem for more than two decades and even as we enter the new millennium. As such, drug abuse still poses a major problem to the nation, particularly those aged between 15 and 40 who make up 80 per cent of the drug addicts in the country. Up to last year, about 1% of the country’s population or 255,725 Malaysians were found to be drug addicts. Lee said it is time for all organizations and associations as well as the entire Malaysian community to work closely with the Government to combat the drug menace to save our younger generation from the scourge of drugs. “To all our youths who are the biggest asset in the country, I wish to advise them to keep away from drugs not only for their own well-being but also for the sake of the country and its future.
“It is necessary to develop a more affective strategy towards making the nation drug free by 2015. “As the key to the fight against drugs lies in prevention, a national- level prevention strategy is needed to involve the home society and workplace to help eradicate the problem,” he said. The active role of parents and the community in the campaign to battle drug abuse is also vital and must be intensified if the nation wants to ensure that drug addiction among teenagers and the youths, including students does not become more prevalent. Granted that drug abuse is still a national problem despite the existing stringent laws, there cannot be any let-up in the nation effort to eradicate the problem, he said. Concerned as well are with youth involvement in drugs, MCPF wishes to offer the following advices and suggestions: a) Youths must learn how to cope with the stresses of daily life without resorting to drugs. This could be done through spiritual means or engaging in healthy recreational activities. b) Youths must resist ‘peer pressure’ if they are urged or influenced to do things which they know is wrong, improper and which leads to self-destruction. c) They should be educated about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction through seminars, workshop, books and publications. They should pass on information about the harmful effects of drugs to their friends. d) They must develop courage, discipline; a sense of responsibility and self-esteem to build a better future for themselves and the country by rejecting drugs and e) Malaysian youths must unite and help one another to achieve a drug free 21st century.


Malaysian Navy doing well in training for Scorpene
LANGKAWI: The 150-odd crew and officers of the Royal Malaysian Navy undergoing a four-year training programme in France following the acquisition of the Scorpene class submarine last October are doing well and are in high spirits. The project director, Philippe Novelli, said the Malaysians were adapting well to the situation inside the submarine which was totally different from maneuvering a surface vessel. “You have to obtain what is around you by just looking at the radar. It is quite impossible to base your findings on bare eyes. “Psychologically you have also to be strong. As Malaysians, you have to be proud of them,” he said to reporters at the maritime segment of the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (Lima) 2007 exhibition here. He said that in a submarine, the main risk was flooding as well as the risk of hitting objects above the submarine during surfacing. He said one of the most crucial experiences the trainees had was during a storm in November 2005 in the Iroise Sea, Atlantic Ocean, which they managed to resist. Novelli said the training at the DCN Dockyard in Brest, about 500km from Cherbourg, France, was scheduled to be completed next year. Direction des Constructions Navales Services (DCNS) is the company building the Malaysian Scorpene submarines.


Letter on safe deposit box misleading:Trader
A businessman has claimed the content of the letter which a commercial bank is requiring its customers to execute for termination of the agreement for hire of safe deposit box (SDB) is misleading. Au Hin Loon, the owner of a computer servicing centre, yesterday said the bank wrote two letters addressed to him and his wife dated July 2, 2007 and August 10, 2007 stating that they were no longer providing the SDB facility and requested them to take out their items from the safe deposit box. “Both of us went to the bank on August 17, 2007. We were surprised that we were asked to sign a letter indicating we were the ones who requested for the termination,” he said. “We think it is unfair and not proper, thus, we refused to sign it. One of their staff informed us that they will continue with the closure of the facility because they have the approval from Bank Negara Malaysia,” Au said. While the couple understand that banks could close or open any departments or branches due to their rationalization exercise, they regretted that the customers or the public have become the victims of the process, particularly those staying outside the city.
“Banks are making profits and they should be providing more services to the public. “We wrote to Bank Negara over the matter on October 16, 2007 and received a copy of the letter from them which was addressed to the bank dated November 1, 2007, giving it two weeks to reply to issues brought up by us, Au said. “On December 4, 2007, we went to the bank after failing to obtain a reply from them and since the tenure of our SDB is expiring on December 12, 2007, we also wanted to pay the annual renewal fee but a staff refused to accept our payment. “This staff even told us based on the SDB agreement signed between both parties, the bank has the right to force open our SDB if we did not immediately remove the contents,”Au said. “We are deeply disturbed and dissatisfied with their intended action and it seems that they do not respect consumers’ rights,” he added. Au said he had also forwarded the complaint to the Consumer Association for Sabah and Labuan, Sandakan Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry on December 4, 2007. “I only received their reply this morning and they are saying the document which we were asked to sign is a standard letter of termination before allowing customers to close their SDB in line with the closure of the facility by the bank,” he said. “They were clarifying that the letter was intended to formalize the closure of the SDB by the hirer and they have removed all items from the SDB, that the keys of the SDB have been returned and that they have received the key deposit refund from the bank,” he said. Au pointed out his argument was that it was the bank which wanted the customers to close the SDB and not the latter wanting to terminate the facility. There is a difference between the two. Many customers had signed the letter without reading through the content.


Hold scam awareness campaign, says CASH
KOTA KINABALU: The relevant Government departments and agencies should organise a scam awareness campaign from time to time to raise public awareness, especially in the rural areas and small towns. “A scam is where the public are duped out of their cash in return for something or products that had been promised but in return nothing was honoured or delivered,” said Consumer Association for Sabah and Labuan (CASH) deputy president Nordin Thani yesterday. He reckoned that scam awareness campaign could give consumers the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to recognize, report and help stamp out mass-marketed scams. According to him, each day people open their mails, receive telephone calls, turn on their computers or switch on their mobile phones and receive unexpected SMS to find that they have unexpectedly won an exciting prize in a prize draw, lottery or other form of promotion. Nordin said that while some of these approaches are legitimate, others were a dishonest attempt to trap the public into parting with their money. “Many common scams take the form of prize draws or cash prizes designed to trick those who are not aware. “These scams are usually operated from outside the country, although they may use an unknown or non existing office address and a bank account here for the public to bank in money (needed to claim the prizes as part of their terms and conditions) before anyone could claim their prizes. The syndicate members are locals, not foreigners as claimed by many victims,” he said. Nordin said the recent announcement by the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs to ban scratch and win contests was in fact a very good news to consumers. He said not only such companies had been deceiving consumers in buying sub-standard goods in the past but they have also misled them by paying the price twice as much (over priced), especially those operating in the rural areas. In fact, he noted that the ban had been anticipated earlier by those irresponsible companies. These companies had switched their marketing tactics and strategy before the announcement was even made by switching from scratch and win to promotional leaflets distributed to the public informing and offering them goods at a very discounted price and value for money. These irresponsible and unscrupulous traders were seen operating in front of superstores, supermarkets and at open markets, said Nordln. He said they would approach potential customers by telling and showing them their so-called promotional products (by giving them the colourful leaflets) offered at discounted prices, among others. “Once the customers are convinced, they will then bring them to a specific location or showrooms to show what they have got to offer. But what actually on offer are mostly sub-standard, overpriced and misleading products not as described, shown or informed earlier in the leaflets. “Almost all of the products on offer do not correspond with the description applied to them. Selected customers are even allowed to take home the promotional products on credit without even have the opportunity to read the agreement signed. Apart from the interest, the customers also need to pay processing and administration fees,” he revealed. In this regard, Nordin advised the public to be cautious and avoid such promotions if they are unsure of, especially when responding to bogus promotions as their names, addresses telephone numbers are likely to be placed on other lists for similar scams. “The people should never reveal their credit card or bank account details unless they are absolutely sure who they are dealing with,” he cautioned.


Land division must be done properly: Ewon
RANAU: The division of land in villages applied for by either outsiders or the villagers must be done properly to avoid disputes or overlapping applications, said Industrial Development Minister Datuk Ewon Ebin. He said any land division exercise must take into account every detail and be fair to all applicants to avoid ownership disputes that would only complicate the issuance of land titles. “One of the biggest problems faced by the Land and Survey Department when issuing land titles is overlapping applications,” he said at the official declaration of the boundary for customary land between Kampung Tampios, Kampung Lungkidau and Kampung Paginatan. “To avoid such problems, leaders at the village level should monitor all applications for land in a more orderly manner through discussions with the applicants, especially regarding the location, land area and who is applying for the land.” Ewon also urged villagers to refrain from selling their land even if they do not have the financial means to work on it. He said it would be a better idea to develop their land in partnership with any interested company or just leave it idle for awhile. If they sell the land they would have nothing left to pass on to their children. Meanwhile, the ceremony involved leaders and residents of seven villages in the area, including Kampung Tampios, Kampung Lungkidau, Kampung Paginatan, Kampung Maringkan, Kampung Soborong, Kampung Bitoon and Kampung Toporoh. The spokesman for the seven villages, Lungkidau village head Paun Guintidong, said the declaration of the boundaries is aimed at facilitating more orderly and systematic division of land in their respective areas. He added that the boundaries would also make it easier for the village leaders to monitor the land which they claim had been repeatedly encroached by outsiders.


A businessman leapt to his death from the fifth floor of a building in Damai yesterday morning. Identified as Lo Fan Kee, the 61- year-old from Taman Friendly, suffered serious head injuries and broke his left leg. Acting District Police Chief Superintendent Rowell Marong who confirmed the incident, said the police received a call on the incident at around 11am. “We immediately rushed our men to the scene to investigate,” he said when met at the scene.
Lo leaves behind a wife, 54. They are childless. It was learnt that he had been suffering from a depression after learning of his wife’s health condition. Lo was said to have left home around lOam. An eyewitness, Johnny, said he was sweeping around the area when he saw a man on the verge of jumping off the building.
“I wanted to shout and tell him to get off but the next thing I knew, he was already on the ground,” he said. Police were notified. The body has been sent for post mortem at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Meanwhile, in Johor Baru, Fire and Rescue department personnel failed to prevent a 55-year-old man Ting Bin Soon, from jumping to his death from the 10th floor of a building in a suicide incident, according to a newspaper report yesterday. In Malacca, a 56-year-old unemployed Teoh Cheng Liat, was reported to have committed suicide too by hanging himself from a tree outside his house.


Jeffrey questions sincerity of KDM leaders
KOTA KINABALU: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) State Steering Committee chairman Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan has questioned the sincerity of a few Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) leaders in the Barisan Nasional (BN) on the unity talk or ‘Mibabas’ in Tuaran recently.
“I question their sincerity because if they are serious about unity, they must be willing to do it and not because of political circumstances forced them to do it, and secondly it must be comprehensive and inclusive, to include everybody irrespective of their political affiliation,” he contended yesterday.
“It seems these BN parties did it for their own political end. What did they want to achieve, political unity in what form? They were united outside of BN before, but now divided under BN.
“Actually they are victims of the divide and rule system perpetrated by Umno. We welcome unity but let’s fight the regime that discriminates you,” he said.
Jeffrey said he was surprised at the fact that though Umno had discriminated these KDM leaders, they are supporting Umno still, even more united and closer with Umno now.
“If these leaders can’t do anything to help our people before, then what can they achieve when they are still in BN, supporting the discrimination and marginalization by Umno? They should join me in PKR to fight to get justice, then they can make a difference,” said the PKR vice-president.
On the goodwill ceremony (Pibabasan) itself, Dr Jeffrey, who is also one of KDCA’s three deputy presidents, said if they were sincere on ‘pibabasan’, then they should have done it according to the ‘adat’ (custom) and not just drinking ‘bahar’ to forget their differences.
“What kind of ‘pibabasan’ were they talking about when all they did was to drink bahar (coconut toddy).
“It is true, normally when one gets drunk of bahar he/she will forget everything. My point is what is their purpose and plans. Are they going to dissolve the other parties and unite under one party and if so who will become the leader?” he said.


Anjung Selera dirty and smelly

Rats running around tourist spot, says visitor
A man is unhappy with the cleanliness at Anjung Selera and urged the authority concerned to ensure it is clean all the time as it is one of the tourist spots in the City area. “Recently, my family and I went to the place to see the international powerboat competition,” said Mr W. “The competition not only attracted the local people but also tourists from outside Malaysia. What makes me feel embarrassed is that during the final day of the competition, I witnessed a group of tourists jumping and screaming after they saw a rat at the place. There were more than three rats running at the place and it was during broad daylight,” he said, adding this would affect the image of the City. Mr W also informed Public Hotline that the place is also smelly. “I believed it is caused by the improper rubbish disposal system,” he said and hoped the authority concerned, especially Kota Kinabalu City Hall, will solve the matter. “This is a wake-up call to the authority concerned as it will make them aware of the need to maintain the cleanliness of the place. I hope the situation will not happen again in the future,” he said. Meanwhile, the Kota Kinabalu City Hall informed Public Hotline that they are always monitoring the matter to ensure the place is clean. Mr Laudin Zaman said they had done their best to maintain the cleanliness at the place before the event was held. “We are aware and know the place has rats because it is near to the markets. We will forward the matter to the unit concerned to ensure that the place is always clean,” he said.
“As for the stench, we will check and determine where it comes from before taking any further action,” he added.