Wednesday, November 28, 2007


A 30-year-old man was fatally shot by his friend while hunting in the jungle near Kampung Kiulu Baru in Tulid, Sook on Sunday. Saimon Bagang died of his injuries at the scene of the accident which happened about 5pm, said district police chief DSP Zahari Mohammad.
The 40-year-old suspect surrendered to the police based in Tulid the same day,” said Zahari when confirming the case yesterday. According to Zahari, the two men from Kampung Kiulu Baru left home on November 24 to go hunting in the nearby jungle. About 5pm the next day, Saimon was accidentally shot by his friend, Zahari said, adding the police had seized a “bakakuk” from the suspect and detained him for investigations under Section 304A of the Penal Code. Zahari reminded the public that it is illegal to own firearms or ammunition without a valid licence and those found doing so will be charged under the Firearms Act.
“My advice to those in the district, Tambunan, Sook and Nabawan, who illegally own firearms, especially homemade ones, to surrender the weapons to the police. Shop owners are also not allowed to sell ammunition to those who cannot produce a valid firearm licence,” he said.
Zahari also sought assistance from village chiefs and the Village Development and Security Committees to disseminate the information in their respective villages and urge the villagers to comply with the police’s advice.


Two claim trial to voluntarily causing hurt charges
Two men who claimed trial to separate charges of voluntarily causing hurt while committing robbery, will be tried in March next year. Sessions Court judge Ismail Brahim reserved March 24 to 26, next year for the trial of Mohd Affendi b Jamainus @ Ah Chong who is accused of voluntarily causing hurt to Ong Ching Tek by punching on the latter’s right cheek and lip while robbing him of RM1O. The 31-year-old accused had allegedly committed the offence at the counter of Hotel Faris in Sinsuran here about 2.45 am on Nov 10. Meanwhile, Ismail set March 7 next year for Filipino Arjuna b Bongsuang @ Totok’s trial who allegedly hurt the head of Pakistani Ali Akbar Abdul Sharif while robbing the latter of a passport holder worth RM3. Ali received four stitches during the incident which allegedly happened about 9pm on Nov12 at Siraj Shamand Enterprise sundry shop in Kampung Sembulan Lama. Affendi and Arjuna were separately charged under Section 394 of the Penal Code which provides a jail term up to 20 years and also liable to fine or whipping on conviction. Affendi was released on RM5,000 bail but with RM1,000 deposited under two local sureties while Arjuna was ordered to be remanded further under Section 259 of the Criminal Procedure Code pending the trial as he is a foreigner. Chief Inspector Lim Swee Beng prosecuted the cases.


Former convicts held over burglaries, thefts
Two brothers and their friend were picked up from their house at Kampung Bambangan in Inanam for involvement in seven house and car break-ins and snatch theft cases here. City police chief ACP Ahmad Sofi Zakaria yesterday said the brothers, aged 22 and 29, and their 27-year-old friend were detained following a public tip-off. During the arrest, the police also recovered several items which had been reported missing from the victims’ houses. Among the items were four car rims with tyres, seven jade pendants, a Casio watch, a digital camera, two Sony speakers, two jade bracelets and two three-foot long electric cables. “They are all ex-convicts. The brothers were released from prison in August while the friend in October,” said Sofi. Initial investigation also showed that brothers had committed the crime earlier was later joined by the third person after his release from prison.


911 will not discourage Malaysians from studying in US:EMBASSY

The September 11 tragedy would not discourage Malaysians from taking up diploma or degree courses in accredited colleges and universities in the United States, due to the flexibility of the visa process called F-1 visa (student visa). Andrew Miller, the general consul of the American Embassy in Malaysia, disclosed this to The Borneo Post while interacting with over 20 potential students in the Lincoln Corner at the State Library here yesterday. According to Andrew, potential Malaysian students need not be anxious of the new US policies on visa application and generally, the number of students is increasing every year, even after the September 11. “For example, nine out of 10 students applying for the visa have been approved. It has nothing to do with the tragedy and it has never discouraged determined applicants to visit, study and even work part time or full time (during a semester break) in the US. When asked for his view on a past incident where a Malaysian with a middle name of “Bin”had a hard time entering US and was informed that a Sabahan carrying the middle name ‘Bin’ need not be a Muslim, he explained: “We understand the students’ concern. That is why we are here to clarify things and to assist them. We are open minded in this matter. Whatever new policies implemented are due to security reason, but as I said, it need not be that hard, that is why we have approved 90 percent of the applicants since 2001. The approval rate is our commitment to encourage Malaysians to study in the US.” On the latest opportunities for students to study and earn a living in the US Andrew said there are various ways to earn a living. When the students enroll for the academic studies (diplomas and degrees) that require Optional Practical Training (OPT), they are eligible for up to 12 months of work experience which is paid hourly. “Students carrying the F-1 visa and allowed to do OPT need not apply for a work permit but have to show an 1-20 Form signed by his or her college officer for approval to take OPT, depending on the academic requirements. ‘Besides OPT, the students could also enrol1 for the paid internship programs should they enroll for the academic studies that require a completion of internships, for example, in the travel industry management and engineering. ‘Sbould the students’ studies do not require an OPT or internship, but they wish to work due to financial problem, they could apply for the ‘Academic Hardship’ work permit that would enable them to study and work for any number of hours (full time or part time) in any organizations,” he said. According to Andrew further, after their graduation, the US Government would offer the graduates an opportunity to work in any industry that favours them. They could also apply for a PR (permanent resident) or normally known as green card. When they hold a green card, they need not give up their Malaysian citizenship.


Tourism players urged to help to develop Sabah economy
Assistant Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Karim Bujang has urged tourism players to actively assist the State Government in developing the economy and focus on greater efforts in bringing in more tourists to the State. Karim made the call when launching Scubazoo Images Sdn Bhd’s coffee table book entitled ‘Reef exploring the underwater world’ in Sabah at Le Meridien Hotel here yesterday. According to the assistant minister, diving is a popular tourism activity in Sabah and it will make a wonderful life experience for a person. “Last year there were 28,000 divers who contributed RM14O million. This shows that tourism really helps to develop our country’s economy,” he said. Karim said Scubazoo’s production would help to promote Sabah as a tourism destination in the world, especially in the ecotourism sector. “Reef is the best publication that I have seen so far because I can feel an intense love, understanding and appreciation of the marine world in the photos shown in Reef and this makes it so special,” he added. Reef will promote Sabah as the best underwater world spot for tourists, especially divers when it is distributed worldwide and translated into four different languages besides its English version. So far Reef has been translated into French and Japanese for the world market. “The main goal is to create a higher level of awareness about the marine environment, its inhabitants, biology and the importance and need for its preservation for the future,” said Roger Munns, one of the Scubazoo’s photographer team members in his speech. Scubazoo’s strong commitment to marine environment is reflected when 10 percent of the profits from the sale of the book will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society and used to help the research team in Tun Sakaran Park, Semporna for marine conservation and awareness projects. “The funds contributed by our organization will help the State (Tun Sakaran Park) to create awareness about marine environment and the need for its preservation for the future,” said Jason Isley in his interview. Also present at the function yesterday were Sabah Tourism Board chairman Datuk Tengku Adlin Zainal and Scubazoo senior officers.



Coastal folks recall the moment they will never forget as homes were destroyed
Powerful waves that pounded and caused the collapse of the house where Norsalmah Kairan and her family shared, had given her an experience she would never forget. “I felt my house swayed three times. We quickly evacuated the house, took whatever we could grab out as we witnessed its collapse,” said the 52-year-old as she recalled the moment yesterday. The powerful waves struck Kampung Tanjung Aru Baru on Monday night and destroyed Norsalmah’s house where her two children, their other halfs and eight grandchildren lived. Other areas, namely Kanipung Numbak in Menggatal, Gaya Island, Likas Bay, as well as Meruntum, Kampung Contoh and Teluk Villa in Petagas were also affected by the big waves. Norsalmah said her family had packed their belongings earlier after noticing the rising waters. She and family are putting up at the Tan jung Aru multipurpose hail temporarily. Her neighbour, Osman Tawang, 35, said water started rising at 9pm and got worse around 11 pm. The tide, however, subsided at 2am. “My house is no longer fit for living. I will have to tear it all down and build a new one,” he said. Osman said they had expected the waters to rise, but not to that extent. “We have had such experience before, but this was by far the worst. I am just glad that my wife and five children are safe,” he said. Just like Norsalmah, Osman had also packed their belongings and had moved to a higher ground much earlier. For now, they will be putting up at their relatives’ house, like many other affected families.
Tanjung Aru Assemblyman, Edward Yong Oui Fah, who visited the affected areas yesterday said he had instructed the village development and security committees to hand in reports on the incident, including the damage suffered. “I will then submit them to the Government to determine the kind of help we could offer to the affected people,” said the Assistant Local Government and Housing Minister when met at the scene. At least 500 people were affected by the king tide, which also saw the collapse of six houses, with 36 others partially damaged in Kampung Tanjung Aru Baru and Meruntum. “There were no casualties reported. At the peak of the high tide last night (Monday), the water was about 2.4 metres high,” he said. City Police Chief ACP Ahmad Sofi Zakaria said the situation was expected to go on for another couple of days.
Fire Dept receives distress call
“Therefore, we would like to advise those living by the seaside to be cautious at all times. We also hope they would cooperate with us when we tell them to evacuate their homes immediately,” he said. Ahmad Sofi said the situation was not alarming and was under control. Fire and Rescue Services Department received a distress call on the situation at around 9pm on Monday. Firemen were quickly rushed to the scene to rescue those who were trapped in their houses after the strong waves broke the stilt bridges.


40 wooden houses razed in Sandakan night blaze
A fire destroyed nearly 40 wooden houses at Kampung Muhibbah off Mile 2.5, Jalan Utara here last night. There were no immediate reports of casualties in the blaze which broke out about 7. 4Opm. Medical personnel in an ambulance were on standby at the scene in the event of injuries. Sandakan Fire and Rescue Opoations Officer Andreas Anggang said firefighters succeeded in preventing the fire from engulfing more structures. The roads around the settlement were cramped with villagers who had moved their belongings to safety. The actual cause of the fire had yet to be determined. Eyewitnesses talked of having seen a man being escorted by policemen to a patrol car and taken away. Elopura Assemblyman Au Kam Wah accompanied by his aides, visited the scene on being informed of the blaze. Acting OCPD DSP Ooi Guan Siew was present to supervise police operations.


KPD Tamu on Sunday
Korporasi PembangunanDesa (KPD) will hold its tamu this Sunday at the KPD Marketing Complex, Tanjung Lipat, Teluk Likas, here from 6. 3Oam to 1pm. Various types of rural products will be available such as fresh Shiitake mushroom, Tenom pamelo, honey, fresh beef and chicken. The public are also encouraged to donate generously used clothings, books or children toys at the Charity Corner for the needy rural folks. The Health Corner will also be having blood pressure check-up and blood sugar test for tamu customers.


Stage bus operators blame authorities for drop in income
The issuance of too many permits by the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) and the failure by the authorities to act against illegal public transport operators are the main reasons for stage bus operators in Sabah, particularly those in major towns like Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan, to experience dwindling income. “CVLB should approve the licence applications based on demand and the number of passengers each bus can carry. Too many permits have been issued to new operators for existing routes,” Pan Malaysian Bus Operators’ Association president Datuk Mohamad Ashfar Ali said during a media conference at Sandakan Hotel before the start of the 352nd PMBOA council meeting on Tuesday. He said from a survey the population of Sabah was increasing but the income of stage bus operators was getting lesser and they wanted to find out from our members the reasons for this. “From our discussions, the blame is completely on the authorities for the issuance of too many permits for existing routes and the failure to act against illegal public transport operators,” Mohamad Ashfar said. He said the association members would not object if the permits were to provide services to new areas but they were upset because the licences were being issued for overlapping routes. “Members are complaining that the capacity now is about 40 percent and sometimes during peak period it is only 60 percent. This is not fair as our buses are carrying empty seats and it is completely ridiculous for CVLB to continue issuing new permits,” he pointed out. Mohamad Ashfar urged CVLB to implement a better control over the approval and issuance of permits by setting a time frame for applicants to submit their applications. “They have to set an open and closing date whereby applications must be submitted within these dates,” he said. According to Mohamad Ashfar, at present there are about 540 licensed mini buses and 270 licensed stage buses operating in Sandakan. Touching on illegal public transport, he said the problem was rampant in Sabah compared to Peninsular Malaysia. “We brought the matter up with the authorities in Sabah nearly two years ago but it appears nothing has been done to address this despite having told us then they would act on it. The relevant Government agencies are giving lame excuses for their failure to act against illegal public transport operators,” he said. “We are genuine and licensed operators and it is the moral duty of the authorities to look after our interest. We are paying income tax, licences, wages and EPF to our workers, passengers’ insurance and our buses are subjected for inspections but the illegal operators pay nothing to the Government,” he added. He said the association would be writing to CVLB, the police and Road Transport Department on problems affecting its members in Sabah and urging for actions to be taken. Mohamad Ashfar said he and his committee were meeting members around the country to study their problems and requirements, to check the fare structure in Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia before submitting a fare review request to the Government. “The fare structure differs in Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia. Bus operators in Sabah are faced with a higher operational cost as the vehicles and spare parts are more expensive here compared to the other two areas,” he said.


Serving smuggled drinks will spoil our image: Masidi
The tourism image of the State will be tarnished if hotel operators continue to serve smuggled alcoholic drinks to their customers.Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun yesterday disclosed that there were complaints that several small hotels were selling contraband liquor to their customers in the hope to gain quick profit without realising the damage it would cause in the long run.“I believe tourists, especially those from foreign countries, would tell their experiences while holidaying in our country. And if the small hotels were to sell contraband liquor, they would definitely share it with their family and friends.
“When such bad experience is spread, our tourism industry’s image will be tarnished,” he said at a dialogue session between the police and resort and tourism players in the State yesterday. Also present were State Police Commissioner Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim, his deputy Datuk Abdul Razak Ghani and some 200 tourism players from throughout the State.Masidi added tourists would think that the laws in the State are ‘incomplete’ and easily broken to enable such thing to happen.“They would think that we are unable to handle the situation and in long run, our good name will be affected,” he said.After learning this, many foreign visitors would avoid coming to the country, and if this happens, the tourism industry will be badly affected.The act, he said, would also cause losses to the Government in terms of taxes, but the bigger impact would be on the tourism industry.Masidi also advised resort and hotel operators to be cautious when employing employees to work in the service line. “Check their background carefully. Do not just simply employ anybody. Their records must be clean, meaning they have never been involved in any crime whatsoever,” he said, adding such thorough checking would prevent any untoward incident from happening. “Our hospitality employees are very much well trained and annually, about 10 per cent would be absorbed by foreign hotels. “Such situation would cause an urgent need for employees. However, hotel and resort operators must be careful when selecting their workers make sure they are fit and with clean background before employing them,” he said.


Sabah islands are safe, says police chief
Security forces are beefing up operations to protect the coastal areas, especially the small islands, following unrests in the neighbouring countries. However, State Police Commissioner Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim assured that the situation is under control but they are not taking any chances, as far as the security and safety of the people are concerned. “The Marine Police and General Operations Force are keeping a close watch on our coastal areas, especially at the borders, as we realise the developments at the neighbouring countries. “We can assure that the well known islands such as Sipadan, Mabul, Langkayan and Pandanan, which are located at the borderline, are safe,” he said during a dialogue session between the police and resort and tourism players in the State yesterday. Also present were Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun, Deputy State Police Commissioner Datuk Abdul Razak Ghani and some 200 tourism players from throughout the State. Noor Rashid, however, advised owners of resorts located close to the borders to be cautious and inform the police immediately if they notice any suspicious character.
“We (the. police and tourism players) must have constant communication with each other to prevent any unwanted incidences from happening,” he said. On another development, Noor Rashid said there were cases reported from island resorts, but most of them involved petty crimes, and secured,” he stressed.
“So far, no major crimes have been reported and we want to make sure it stays that way. That is why we hope the resort and hotel operators would report to us immediately on any changes or development in their areas. “Through such constant communication, we can ensure all resorts and hotels in Sabah are safe and secured,” he stressed.


Oil palm firms urged to be at forefront in riparian reserve conservation
Effort towards rectifying conservation issues along the Kinabatangan riparian reserve should be a common initiative between the Government and palm oil companies. Tourism Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun, who stated this, yesterday called on the oil palm companies to be at the forefront in the conservation of the riparian reserve, stressing their roles are significant in ensuring the success in checking encroachment and replanting natural forest along the reserve. “I rather hope that if we do this, we do it because everyone wants to be involved, not just because the Government is forcing them. They should have the same ownership of that initiative as the Government because what is good for the environment is also good for them,” he said this to reporters after officiating the closing of the international conference on Nature Conservation in Sabah: The Quest for Gold Standards here. Speaking at the ceremony earlier, Masidi said palm oil companies were found encroaching riparian reserve and planting their crops right to the river bank. Apart from disconnecting the reserve which serves as the route for the wild animals to migrate between reserve forests, planting crops along the riparian also means pesticide and other chemicals used by planters can easily end up in the river and damaging its ecosystem, he said. He disclosed that the ministry together with relevant departments, including the Land and Survey, are going all out to conduct a massive operation to check on encroachment along the riparian next year. The effort would be one of the answers to the problem of disconnected wildlife corridor linking segmented reserve forests in and around Kinabatangan. “The problem has been allowed to get worst in the past where everybody thought it was alright to plant along the river. I think it was more on the ignorance of the law. “However, some land owners have already expressed their willingness to voluntarily cut down their trees that were planted inside the riparian reserve,” said Masidi. He said there had been some positive signs among the planters with many of them wishing to comply with the rules, saying the only reason why they had ‘accidentally’ encroached the reserve in the past was because other people were also doing it. “I hope to call for a meeting by next month with all the land owners, especially big companies, with the hope of getting them to rectify the problem voluntarily. “As I said we will use the enforcement of the land law which prohibits them from planting anything on the riparian reserve only as the last resort,” he said. He added there is punitive provision of the law in regard to encroachment of riparian reserve. However, the ministry would have it amended to provide heavier penalties if necessary. “If I’m not mistaken, the penalty is quite high, and if it is not high we will make sure it is amended to make it high enough to act as a deterrent,” he said.


Jainab and Pekida come to aid of squatters
Karambunai assemblywoman Jainab Ahmad has promised to assist genuine local squatters in Kampung Teluk Likas, Likas here to get a replacement house before their houses are demolished by the relevant authorities. Jainab who is also the Assistant Industrial Development Minister, made the pledge after receiving a memorandum submitted by the Islamic Welfare and Sermon Organisation of Malaysia, Sabah Branch (PEKIDA), appealing for the State Government’s consideration to temporary put on hold the imminent demolition exercise on the squatter houses in Kampung Teluk Likas, until a proper settlement/resettlement scheme is in place. The memorandum which contains the name list of the affected squatters and their requests among others, was handed by Pekida Sabah chief Dr Datu Mohd Akjan B. Datu Ali Muhammad at a resort hotel here on Monday. Jainab said she would do her level best to assist those affected squatters to relocate to the nearest possible Government housing schemes like the three-room walk-up apartments in Telipok Ria, which only charges a monthly rental of RM124. “We will do our best to assist them but we will first screen their background first to ensure that no unqualified persons, including illegal immigrants, would take advantage of the situation,” she stressed, Following the numerous appeals, from the affected squatters, Jainab wrote to the City Hall appealing for postponement of the demolition exercise.
She also acknowledged that the State is caught in a dilemma in its effort to eradicate squatters, especially for facing criticism from various parties, including the opposition if it does not take action against the squatters.
However, she hoped that if offered a place in Telipok Ria later, those affected squatters would not reject it, to prevent the Kampung Warisan Phase II incident from recurring where the houses that were originally offered to some of them during the relocation exercise in 1998 were later occupied by someone else, after they had rejected the offer citing financial burden. Jainab pointed out that those who are earning less than RM886 a month can always apply to the relevant Federal agency to have the rental waived until a period when they can afford it. She thanked Pekida Sabah, especially Dr Akjan, for facilitating in the resolving of the problems faced by Kampung Teluk Likas squatters. Meanwhile, Dr Akjan pointed out that while there could be some foreigners among the squatters, those in its list are locals who have been staying there for more than four decades. “Many of them are our members and that’s why we are submitting a memorandum to the State Government to seek a proper and fair settlement for them before their houses are demolished. Our investigation also found out that due to shortcoming in its implementation, these squatters were neglected in the relocation exercise carried out by the relevant authorities in 1998, to relocate them to Kampung Warisan Phase II in Inanam,” he said. It was estimated that more than 100 families are going to be affected by the demolition exercise to pave way for a private development project. “We in Pekida would be most grateful if the State Government could take into consideration of our members’ plight and to temporary put on hold the demolition exercise until a proper resettlement scheme is in place,” said Dr Akjan.


Efficient delivery system will attract investors: CM
Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said the conducive environment in Sabah has attracted foreign direct investors (FDIs) to set up and start their business operations in the State. He said that among the FDIs were from India who took over the Sabah Forest Industries (SFI) pulp and paper mill in Sipitang and China who linked a joint venture agreement with the Sabah Economic Development Corporation (Sedco) to build a five-star hotel in the City. Speaking to the media after launching the State-level Quality Day celebration here yesterday, Musa also stressed the importance of an efficient delivery system in wooing FDIs to come and set up their business activities in Sabah. Developed nations were able to attract FDIs because they could render services efficiently to the investors, he said. With a greatly improved delivery system, Musa expressed his confidence that more FDIs would come and invest in the Sabah Development Corridor which will be launched in the near future. “In this regard, we hope the civil service will continue with the efforts of providing transparent, efficient and effective services,” he said, adding that the current standard of the delivery system in Sabah was among the issues raised at the recently concluded State Legislative Assembly sitting. In his speech earlier, Musa said various measures such as the Main Performance Indicator had been introduced by the State Government in ensuring efficiency of the delivery system in the various Government departments and agencies. He said the Government also set up the One Stop Agency and introduce the e -Government to overcome red tape in the civil service. In another development, DILL Group from the State Pharmacy Supply Centre and Kumpulan Jam Versi 2 from the Tuaran district hospital will represent Sabah at the national Works Quality Enhancement Convention later this year. State Secretary Datuk Sukarti Wakiman said the Rural Cooperative Development (KPD), State Computer Services Department, Sabah State Library, Yayasan Sabah, Tawau Health Department and Sabah Workers Cooperative and Affairs Department received the MS ISO 8001:2000 certification this year.


Bureau receives more public complaints
The State Public Complaints Bureau (PCB) received 205 complaints from January until June this year compared with 122 cases for the same period of last year. The agency solved 107 of the 205 cases this year and 265 of the 350 cases received throughout 2006 from the various ministries and departments. According to the statistic report in 2006, the Land and Survey Department, Forestry Department and Natural Resource Department received the most number of complaints with a total of 94. Fifty- eight of the cases have been solved. The Tourism, Culture and Environment Ministry, which received the least complaint, managed to solve its only case. Kota Kinabalu City Hall and the other local authorities in the State solved 72 of the 90 complaints; Infrastructure Development Ministry (57 of 61 cases); Rural Development Ministry and district offices (45 of 60 cases); departments under the Chief Minister’s Department (10 of 15 cases);. Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry (10 of 14 cases); JHEAINS, MUIS and Syariah Judiciary Department (eight of 10 cases); Community Development and Consumer Affairs Ministry (two of three cases) and the Finance Ministry (solved all the two cases). This was disclosed at a talk organised by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) with the collaboration of the Federal and State Departments, private sector and non-governmental organisations at Emas Hotel here yesterday. The theme of the talk was ‘Together We Eradicate Corruption”. It was conducted by State ACA director Hjh Latifah Md Yatim and State PCB director Wong Foo Tin. Members of the public can make their complaints to the Public Complaints Bureau at Tingkat 3, Blok B, Wisma MUIS, Jalan Sembulan, Kota Kinabalu. They may also contact the department at 088-218731, 088-218732, 088-234978, 088-234977; Fax: 088- 261015; Email to and website:http: // www. aduan. sabah. gov. my/


Bad weather alert
The State Natural Disaster Relief Committee and the operation centres in all districts have been activated in view of the prevailing rough seas and bad weather, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said. He said all the operation centres had been directed to be on the alert and to closely monitor the situation, in particular at high risk areas such as water villages. “Residents along the seafronts or coastal areas are also advised to be careful while fishermen should not go out to the sea during the bad weather or stormy seas,” said Musa after launching the State-level civil service Quality Day here yesterday.


171 motorists summonsed in two operations
A total 171 summonses were issued by the traffic police during Ops Mabuk and Ops Cermin Gelap during the weekend.City Traffic and Public Order chief DSP M. Chandra yesterday said four people were caught drunk driving at Jalan Lintas and .Jalan Kolam “It is an offence to drive under the influence of alcohol as it is one of the causes of road accidents in the City,” he told reporters yesterday. Those caught drunk driving can be charged under Section 45 (A) (1) of the Road Transport Act, 1989, which carries a fine of between RM1,000 and RM6,000, or 12 months’ imprisonment. Repeat offenders face a fine of between RM2,000 and RM1O,000, or a year’s jail upon conviction. Touching on Ops Cermin Gelap, Chandra said 34 summonses were issued for tinted glass offence. Those found committing the offence for the first time are liable to be fined not exceeding RM500 or jailed for two weeks. Subsequent offenders will be fined not more than RM1,000 or jailed for a maximum of one month, or both. Chandra urged car owers who are not sure of the amount of tinted glass allowed by law, to go to the nearest traffic police office, Road Transport Department or PUSPAKOM for verification. He also disclosed that most of the summonses were issued to motorists for beating the red light.