Wednesday, December 19, 2007

WEDNESDAY-19TH DECEMBER 2007- Eleven foreign women sought by Labuan police

Eleven foreign women sought by Labuan police
LABUAN: Police here are looking for ten Filipino and an Indonesian women who are required to appear as witnesses in the Labuan Magistrateis Court on 31 December.
They are involved in a court case brought against the manager of a local pub for employing them as PROs/waitresses without valid work pass.
The ten Filipinos are Ma Cecil Zaldaviar Amada, 20, passport no: VV 0078226; Agnes Salmasan Villa, 30, passport no: UU 0609938; Mary Christine Castro Hernandez, 20, passport no: VV 0132565; Daisy Rerrer, 20, passport no: TT 0802113; Catherine Relota Santos, 23, passport no: RR 0881727; Charito Torres Dizon, 30, passport no: UU 0672490; Marilou Belmonte Abagon, 21, passport no: UU 0218744; Berberly Tonaco Nanabat, 18, passport no: VV 0313768; Nadia Lalican Padilla, 21, passport no: VV 0343428; Maridel Brillantes De San Juan, 18, passport no: UU 0643585 and the Indonesian woman is Pratiwi Juwita, passport no: A 313786.
According to the investigating officer of the case, Inspector Zuraini Bte Md Zin, the eleven women were charged in court on 16 July this year under Section 39(B) of the Immigration Act 1959, for working without proper permit, but discharged not amounting to acquittal (DNA).
The women are believed to be still in Labuan and anyone with information on their whereabouts is requested to contact Inspector Zuraini at 019-8093263 of 087­412222.