Monday, December 3, 2007


Anglican Diocesan Welfare Boards medical camp
Early this year, the Anglican Diocese set up a Diocesan Welfare Board to further develop the social arm of the church and its first activity was to look into ways and means of helping their interior neighbours. To start with, it was decided to adopt Kampung Entilibon in the interior - a journey of over an hour using four-wheel drive vehicles from Telupid. A medical camp was organized on Sept 23. The medical team was also accompanied by three civil engineers and a developer to look into other ways and means to assist Kampung Entilibon. This project was carried out in collaboration with the Medical Department comprising eight specialists, four dentists and four medical officers, an optometrist and pharmacist, six nurses including four dental nurses, 20 general volunteers and 12 four-wheel drive drivers. The specialised services provided included skin, eye, ear, nose and throat, women and children and general surgery. The medical team screened 426 residents of the kampung and surrounding areas for diabetes and hypertension and 30 newly diagnosed cases were referred to the Telupid Clinic for long-term management. All the children were de-wormed.
One hundred and ten reading spectacles were distributed after eye screening, 46 eligible women had pap smears done and 53 teeth were extracted by the dentists. The recommendatons of the engineers for water supply connection and church repair work will also be looked into.