Monday, November 26, 2007


Encourage children to study harder: Zakaria
Parents in rural areas have been urged to change their mentality by giving strong encouragement to their children to study harder.
Gum Gum Assemblyman Datuk Haji Zakaria Haji Edris said most parents in rural areas do not care about their children’s education. Instead, they are more interested in asking their children, to work to increase the family income.
“The Government through the Ministry of Education and the District Education Office is always striving to bridge the gap between students in rural and urban areas by providing additional allocations so that they can enjoy better facilities and are in a better position to compete with each other.
“However, if parents in rural areas are still having the old thinking, whatever efforts we made will not bring any results,” he said at a ceremony to present awards to top students here.
Zakaria, who is also Principal Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, said the Government will keep giving educational opportunities to the people by providing scholarships and student loans to enable students to go to public or private higher learning institutions.
“From now on, I want all parents to save for their children’s education so that their children will not have problems pursuing tertiary education,” he said.
He stressed that teachers and parents should also work together to encourage students to also adopt the saving habit.
“Such a thrifty habit inculcated at an early age will really help the children in future. Its importance cannot be overlooked,” added Zakaria.