Monday, November 26, 2007


Nexus Resort wins four gold and two silver medals
It was a night of celebration at the close of the 10th Sabah Hospitality Fiesta for Nexus Resort Karambunai as it claimed a total four gold and two silver medals. The golds came from Jahinin Tamin for the Commis Category - Black Box, Ang Hon Tung for the Chinese Cooking Category - Black Box, Fung Vui Luen for the Sous Chef Category - Black Box and Mad Yusri for Food & Beverage - Table Setting Themed. Norman James for Artistic - Ice Carving and Lai Vui Ching of Nexus Golf Resort for Artistic - Fruit & Vegetable Carving contributed the two silver medals.
This year’s fiesta upped the ante with stiff competition from all the participating hotels and even stiffer grading by the culinary judges. The event was held at Kompleks Asia City from Nov 10-11 and was an eye-opener for the public who waited patiently for all the category competitions to end before getting a closer look at the creative displays and exciting presentations. For the competitors, the event was a valuable learning experience which encouraged them to use their reserves of creativity, perseverance and commitment to give their very best.
The hospitality fiesta recognizes that a high level of performance and professionalism is required of every hotel staff in providing the level of service expected from the hospitality industry which is a major revenue earner for Malaysia. For Jahinin Tamin of Olives, Ang Hong Tung of Noble House and Fung Vui Luen of Sunset Bar & Grill, their respective wins have given these outlets at Nexus Resort their due recognition for serving superb cuisine by a team of dedicated chefs. In the wider categories of table setting and ice- carving, Mad Yusri, Norman James and Lai Vui Ching can be proud for being the essential support that completes the food and beverage presentation at every function at the resort.
Executive Chef Junious Dickerson was the driving force behind Nexus Resort’s participation in this annual competition and only had words of praise for the staff involved, many of whom had spent sleepless nights preparing themselves prior to the fiesta. At the end of the day, there were no losers - only winners and an ever-growing pool of dedicated professionals in the hospitality industry of Sabah.