Thursday, December 20, 2007

THURSDAY-20TH DECEMBER 2007-Streetlights still not functioning after complaints

Streetlights still not functioning after complaints

Despite numerous complaints made to the relevant authorities, the streetlights along Jalan Sulaman-UMS are still not functioning properly, claimed a motorist. James pointed out to Public Hotline that without proper lighting, the road near UMS is dark and expose all road users to safety risk. “This is about public safety as there is a high chance of pedestrians being hit by cars. Even with my vehicle headlights on, it is still not bright enough to see what is in front,” he said. James related a recent personal experience in which he nearly hit a motorcyclist which was coming from the direction of Alam Mesra. He said that because the area is dark, motorists tend to switch on their high headlights and this affects other road users, especially those coming from the opposite direction. According to James, he normally uses the route at about 10pm to 11pm and as a developing area, the road should be sufficiently lit. A spokesman for Kota Kinabalu City Hall acknowledged that they have received similar complaints before. “We will inform our authorised contractor to check and take action as soon as possible,” he said.