Sunday, December 30, 2007

SUNDAY-30TH DECEMBER 2007-Kadazan documentaries go international

Kadazan documentaries go international
A Christmas Boxing Day unwraps a new mileage for the Kadazan Society of Sabah (KSS) when one of the society’s objectives was realized. KSS President Marcel Leiking said he is grateful to the GS & Trea Corporation and Avicraft Sdn Bhd for taking a brave step to enter a joint venture agreement to produce five Kadazan documentaries for the National Geographic Channels International publication. These documentaries, according to Leiking, are depicting the Kadazan culture and traditions. He hoped that such step would promote the Kadazan cultural heritage internationally and at the same time would help the KSS to achieve the objective of preserving the culture through media documentation. The joint venture agreement to produce the five Kadazan documentaries was signed at the GS— Trea office by the Director of GS & Trea Corporation, Mr Clarence Jongiji and the Avicraft Sdn Bhd Managing Director, Mr Jusry Juwait. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Leiking, Sylvester Disimon, the Founder of GS&Trea Corporation Dato Haji Ghulam Sayeed and Dr Adalbert Kinson. Also present was Mr Boniface Mosios, the Director of Avicraft Sdn Bhd. Jongiji commented that GS & Trea Corporation was pleased to be able to help to finance the production of the Kadazan documentaries. These documentaries are really important for the Kadazan community as it would one day become a great treasure for our future generation and for them to better understand the true perspective of the Kadazan cultural beliefs and practices. He is also happy to be able to help the KSS and the Kadazan community at large in cultural preservation using media documentaries and finally helps to promote the image of the Kadazan race internationally. The Avicraft Sdn Bhd would be the producer of these documentaries and part of the proceeds from it would be donated to the KSS, he said. Meanwhile, Disimon, the Organizing Chairman of the KSS New Year Party 2007 celebration, said the launch of these documentaries would be conducted at the KSS New Year Party on 31 Dec at Putera Ballroom in Bukit Padang.