Sunday, December 16, 2007

SUNDAY-16TH DECEMBER 2007-Villagers call for committee to be disbanded

Villagers call for committee to be disbanded

The residents of Kampung Bandulan near here yesterday urged the Information Department to disband the village’s Komuniti Bestari Committee, saying it had failed to deliver its obligation since its formation seven years ago. Some 180 residents from the village have signed and sent a petition to the department urging for a new committee to be elected to replace the existing one. The group’s spokesperson, Zawai Datuk Ahmad, stressed that the department should look into the matter and reform the committee based on the request of the majority. “The residents of Badulan are very disappointed given the fact that the committee has been receiving allocations from the Government but has not implemented any programme or activity,’ he said. Village Development and Security Committee chairman Ramli Ungking when contacted, confirmed that the petition had been sent to the Information Department and urged the department to appoint new members for the committee as soon as possible. “We regretted that this committee has been misused by irresponsible individuals. Rectification measures should have long been taken to enable the committee to truly benefit the village,” he said. According to Zawawi, they were made to understand that the committee chaired by Ismail Montiroi has been suspended by the department but the residents have yet to receive any formal notification letter regarding the matter.