Saturday, December 8, 2007


Datu Azlan’s mother wants to know truth She is not satisifed with post-mortem on death of her son
Datin Aminah Ambrose, the mother of the late Datu Azlan Datu Amir Kahar, is not satisfied with the post-mortem on the death of her son. “My son is healthy and never had a history of stroke or heart attack. I saw all the bruises on his back and cuts and wounds on his skin that looked like he had been beaten. “I am also not satisfied with the information I read in a newspaper disclosing that my son had a heart attack,” she told The Borneo Post in a phone interview yesterday evening. “I am the mother. I should be informed first and why only one newspaper reporter was informed?” Aminah said she had seen bleeding wounds on his son’s body and his head before he was taken to the mortuary of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. “I had also seen a bad wound on his head,” she added.
Aminah was also surprised to read the statement of his late son’s fiancee that Datu Azlan could drive the car to the hospital when he was badly hurt. “Furthermore, why his shirt was so clean when he was in the hospital? I mean why there was not a drip of blood when I saw that he was Datu Azlan bleeding? To me, I think something was not right with the information. “The fiancee informed that my son had taken a shower before going to the hospital. How could he have the time to take the shower when he was hurt and bleeding? Please, I want to know the truth what had really happened? I am not satisfied!” said Aminah. “Earlier, before they disclosed (my son had a stroke or heart attack), I was informed by the authority that my son had a healthy organ but why suddenly the information was different? “All this while I have been patient enough by cooperating in the investigation. I am still hoping for the truth from that investigation, but I am surprised why they disclosed that my son had a stroke or heart attack and I was not told about it?” she said. The Magistrate’s Court on Thursday released a 21-year-old part-time model who was remanded to assist police investigation into the death of Datu Azlan, the son of Banggi Assemblyman Datuk Amir Kahar. The Inti College student was first remanded for three days on December 2 to enable the police to investigate the case. Her remand was extended for another two days on December 4. Acting City Police Chief Superintendent Rowell Marong said on Thursday that the police were still investigating the case and hoped to find new leads. Datu Azlan was pronounced dead on arrival at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on December 1. There were four superficial wounds on his head, believed caused by a belt buckle, and bruises on the body. Initial investigation revealed that the deceased and his fiancee were fighting over a misunderstanding. On Wednesday, State Police Commissioner Datuk Noor Rashid Ibrahim disclosed that the autopsy report confirmed that Datu Azlan had died of heart attack. Noor Rashid added that they would probably continue investigating the case under Section 323 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt, or Section 324 of the same Code for voluntarily causing hurt by using dangerous weapons or means.