Monday, December 10, 2007


Continue teaching of Science, Maths in English, says Maijol
The Education Ministry has been urged to continue with the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English and give it a chance to succeed. UPKO vice president Senator Maijol Mahap made the call in his speech when officiating the presentation of certificates to 500 pre-school children. “The teaching of Science and Mathematics in English should be continued and be given the chance to succeed. This does not mean that we are sidelining the Bahasa Malaysia language in school. “Bahasa Malaysia has been and will always be the mainstream language to be used to teach all other subjects but since most English terminologies in Science and Mathematics are in English and they were adopted into the Bahasa Malaysia language, it would only be appropriate if we just use the English language to teach these two subjects. I believe many parents would be supporting this by starting to expose their children at the very young age to the use of the English language. “I also urge the Government to provide more educational facilities for pre-school children to start their early education in areas where such facilities are far from their villages. The Kota Marudu Districts has more than 80 villages and only 26 villages have pre-schools provided by KEMAS. If we take the 500 pre-school children who received their certificates as coming from 26 villages, I believe there could be even more children from the other remaining villages who are unable to get pre-school education,” he said. Maijol also urged all parents to send their children to a kindergarten nearest to them as much as possible.