Friday, December 21, 2007

FRIDAY-21ST DECEMBER 2007-Be disciplined role models, artistes told

Be disciplined role models, artistes told

Youth and Sports Assistant Minister Jahid Jahim has reminded local artistes to be disciplined in carrying out their daily activities or in their stage performances. He said artistes are the role models of society, especially the teenagers, thus they should set a good example. “Having a great voice is not enough. You (artistes) should enhance your self qualities such as your performance, your communication skills before an audience and more importantly, you should have discipline in your daily lives,” he said while launching an album by two local artistes, Jonnes Robert Johnny and Jimboneivin Simon Bukag. The album, entitled Yahai Benn vs Ateng, was produced by Simusic Studio. At the same time, other albums by Jovita Robert Johnny, David b Pinus Francis Anahong and Narsisius b Justin Misin, who is the marketing manager of Simusic Studio, were also launched during the ceremony at Buhavan Square, Donggongon about 2. 3Opm. Jahid, who is Tamparuli assemblyman, said that the government is always supportive of local artistes’ effort to promote their talents not only in the State but also in Peninsular Malaysia as well as other countries. He urged the local community to buy only the original CD to help the music industry grow in Sabah. Meanwhile, Jonnes, who is also known as Ateng and Jimboneivin, also known as Benn, hoped that their joint album will be accepted by music fans of different ages and races in Sabah. “I am so happy with the launch of this album. I hope local music fans will be satisfied and will accept this album,” said Ateng, who hails from Kampung Molisau, Tenghilan and already has a solo and compilation album. He said Yahai Benn vs Ateng features 11 songs based of various concepts. At the event yesterday, some local artistes were invited to perform, and they included the champion of ‘Suara Emas Bintang RTM 2007,’ Reynaldo Paggie, S. Willie and Danny F Mallingi. Also present were Simun Bukag, who is the manager of Simusic Studio and executive producer of Yahai Benn vs Ateng.