Sunday, November 25, 2007


Sabah athletes at BJSS face various problems
The Youth and Sports Ministry will file an official complaint to the National Sports Council regarding various problems faced by Sabah athletes currently studying and training at the Bukit Jalil Sports School BJSS. At a meeting held here yesterday, the athletes and their parents voiced their problems including ‘poor’ accommodation. They also claimed that their personal belongings such as clothes or handphones were frequently stolen. We are proud that our children are enrolled at BJSS but at the same time we want them to feel comfortable there. “That is why if there are any problems, please make an official complaint using the right channel. You (athletes or parents) can write me, the SUT (Youth and Sports Ministry Permanent Secretary Suzannah Liaw ) or the sports associations concerned,” he said. Liew also hailed the brave efforts by the parents and athletes to arrange the meeting with him in expressing their dissatisfaction in order to find solutions to the problems. Having said that, Liew announced that an official will be appointed especially to assess Sabah athletes at BJSS. The Minister also told the State Sports Council to submit a report every three months to the ministry on the conditions of the athletes. At the same time. a committee has also been formed to make a concerted assessment and research on all the athletes, starting from development aspect right up to the time when the athletes decide to call it a day. Meanwhile, Suzannah revealed that the problems faced by State shuttlers at BJSS were not a new issue but unless an official complaint is made, the ministry could not do anything. Suzannah also said the ministry had planned to visit the Sabah athletes at BJSS and that Liew made a pledge to visit BJSS personally. On incentive distribution to excellent athletes, Suzannah said the ministry has a guideline for the purpose. The distribution or allocation will be made through the sports associations, she added. Hence, Suzannah said it was important for athletes or their parents to work closely with the State associations. Also present were Sabah Sports Board General Manager Mahmood Kalong and Sabah Badminton Association (SBA) president Senator Maijol Mahap