Friday, November 30, 2007


Act against oil palm planters, says Bung Moktar
Member of Parliament Datuk Bung Moktar Radin wants the State Government to take stern action against oil palm planters for encroaching into riparian reserves along the Kinabatangan River. “The State Government must take a firm stand and penalize planters who encroached into the reserves for commercial oil palm cultivation,” he said. Bung Moktar urged the State Government to set up a special board to act against those who encroached into riverbanks throughout the State, particularly along the Kinabatangan River.
“Do not be lenient with them. They will continue to violate the rules as long as no stern actions are taken against them,” he said. Bung Moktar said the State Government through the Tourism, Culture and Environment Ministry should give this issue priority because the planters’ irresponsible actions are threatening the wildlife.“Nearly 60 percent of the riparian reserves along Kinabatangan River have been encroached for commercial cultivation of oil palm and the companies involved must immediately cease their operations to enable the restoration of the river’s eco-system.”